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Swap Lenses FAST with the Lens Cycler

An Extra Hand For Your Next Shoot

When you're concentrating on getting the perfect shot, the last thing you need are lens changes to slow you down. Fumbling around in your camera bag can cost you precious time, as well as put your valuable lenses at risk.

The Lens Cycler* keeps your favorite lenses at your side and makes lens changes quick and safe. Slide the rotating Lens Cycler onto your belt, and keep two lenses at hand for rapid access.

With Lens Cycler you can swap lenses faster than ever! Pop the lens off of your camera, and attach it to the Lens Cycler. Choose the lens you want to use next, unmount it from the Lens Cycler, and snap it onto your camera.

Here's a 60 second video with the Lens Cycler in action.

Available in seven lens mounts, the Lens Cycler is built of sturdy aluminum with chrome plated brass mounts for a secure and solid fit to keep your lenses safe. The Lens Cycler is backed by our 24 month Fotodiox warranty and US based support team.

Available for:
    • Canon EOS (EF/EF-S)
    • Fujifilm Fuji X-series
    • Nikon F
    • Sony Alpha A-mount/ Minolta A-mount
    • Sony Alpha E-mount
    • Pentax K
    • Leica M

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Happy Shooting!

Your Fotodiox Team

*Under License by Go Wing USA, LLC--U.S. Pat. No. 9,632,396-Lens Flipper™

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