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The Colorful Lens Adapter with a Retro Flare!

The Colorful Lens Adapter with a Retro Flare!

Looking for a creative way to add extra color to your next shoot? How about a new, analog way to add flare to your image?  Try our new ArtFX ColorFlare lens adapter! Create a colorful, dreamy haze in your photos and videos, or add a light leak flare for extra drama.  With ColorFlare what you see is what you get!  Now you can create that look you're after in camera to help tell your story without spending extra time in post.

The first in our new ArtFX line of adapters, the ColorFlare makes it possible to add organic, controllable flare effects in-camera for vintage and modern lenses on your Sony E-mount and Micro Four-thirds system cameras. From a total tinted blowout to a slicing flare, the possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

The ColorFlare is partially translucent and comes with five ColorTint rings and five silicone masks, which can be used to create custom analog flare effects under nearly any lighting conditions.

Check out our quick intro to the ArtFX ColorFlare to see what it's all about:

The ArtFX ColorFlare adapters are designed with precision tolerance that creates a solid, gap free, no play, no wiggle connection with no adjustments needed. Precision all-metal construction with chrome plated brass mounts for a secure and solid fit backed by our 24 month Fotodiox warranty.

ColorFlare is currently available for Sony E-mount and Micro Four-thirds cameras with six available lens mounts.

Available Lens Mounts:
    • Canon EOS (EF/EF-S)
    • Nikon F G-type
    • Canon FD/FL
    • Contax/Yashica (CY)
    • Minolta Rokkor (SR/MD/MC)
    • Olympus Zuiko (OM)

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