Panoramic Conversion Kit for Pentax 6x7

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UPC: 812759011035
This product has been discontinued by the manufacturer and is no longer available for purchase.


The Panoramic kit allows Pentax 67 camera to produce panoramic images. It turns your camera into a true XPan-like Panoramic camera. A 45mm lens will do the work just good. You can find a used Pentax 67 body with 45mm lens on the market for less than $1,000, so your own xpan will cost less than $1,200.

This kit comes with two sets of film adapters for you to put 35mm film cartridge inside the 120/220 film chamber. One set is for the film cartridge and the other is for take-up spool (you may use a spool from a used 35mm film cartridge). The picture size is 24mmx66mm (x-pan's size is 24mmx65mm). You need to use the 220 counter to shoot a roll of 35mm (36ct) to produce 18ct panoramic pictures (24ct film will generate 12 panoramic pictures). This kit also comes with two panoramic adapters, one for adapting film plate and one for the viewfinder. They are completely synchronized once installed; simply place the adapters on top of viewfinder glass and shutter frame (no adhesive or other special tool needed). You will see exactly what you’re going to get from the viewfinder. You spend very little money to get $10,000 worth of investing in a XPan.

Style Panoramic Conversion Kit for Pentax 67
Film to be used Any 35mm Film
Image Size 24 x 66mm
Manufacture Fotodiox Inc.
Warranty 12 months
Model # 04PK67P