A Canon EF to Nikon Adapter (For Real, This Time)

January 8, 2021
Banner: Yellow background, Nikon Z6 Camera with Fotodiox Fusion Smart AF Adapter and Canon 50mm f/1.8 STM at right side; Text "Fusion with a Z"

Before the whole “Mirrorless vs DSLR” debate, there was a different debate that had photographers everywhere at each other’s throats: Canon vs Nikon. As far as DSLR systems go, the Nikon F-mount and Canon EF-mount were the most prominent in their field, and it was commonplace for users of each system to give reasons as to why their system was the best. As lens adapters gained popularity, photographers began seeing the benefits of these accessories. These adapters offered a cost-effective solution while giving legendary lenses a new life. This quickly spilled over into the Canon vs Nikon world where people were now wanting to adapt lenses between the two systems. 

In an April Fool’s video from 2015, we were happy to announce a Canon EF to Nikon F adapter. Unfortunately, the reality of the matter is that a Canon EF to Nikon adapter would just not be possible due to the flange focal distance. The opposite combination, Nikon F to Canon EF was physically possible, but creating an adapter that also allowed for electronic functions would not be an easy feat.

Years later, both Canon and Nikon made their entries into the full-frame mirrorless market with the Canon RF mount and the Nikon Z-mount. At that moment, he had to ask ourselves: is a Canon to Nikon adapter worth pursuing? Nikon Z’s flange focal distance of 16mm allowed ample space for an adapter, and we’ve released plenty of smart adapters for the Canon EF mount already. These are known as our FUSION smart adapters.

Our FUSION EF to Z adapter allows Nikon users to mount Canon lenses with autofocus, aperture control, and Image Stabilization being available. Our FUSION EF to Z adapter comes standard with chrome-plated brass mounts and leaf springs on the Canon EF side. These features offer a secure fit and less wear on the camera mount and lens bayonet. The adapter is complete with an all-metal housing making it durable and ready for any shooting environment.

Future firmware updates can be installed via the Micro USB port found on the barrel of the adapter. This means the adapter is futureproof allowing us to provide functionality updates and expand compatibility as new Nikon cameras and firmware are released. To be informed of firmware updates, we recommend subscribing to our newsletter where we will announce these types of updates. The firmware updates, as well as installation instructions, can also be found on our knowledge base and be securely downloaded to your computer.

Another feature that can be found on our FUSION EF to Z adapter is an “L-Fn” or function button. This button comes standard with most Nikon cameras from the F line, and is also available on lenses from the Z line and provides custom settings to be accessed immediately. The L-Fn button on our adapter works in the same fashion and can be mapped in the custom settings menu as “L-Fn.”

The autofocus speed is quite fast on the adapter with AF-C and AF-F being reliable in both video and photo mode. This allows the adapter to be used in most commercial applications with the exception of sports. If using video mode, keep in mind that certain Canon lenses have a loud focus motor that will be picked up by a camera’s microphone. This is due to the design of these lenses which were originally intended for still photography. However, this issue can be mitigated by using an external mic, such as a lavalier.

The adapter does not degrade image quality since no optics are needed for this combination. EF lenses will provide full frame coverage and appropriate resolution as they designed for full frame cameras. Please note that many EF-S lenses will vignette on full frame models due to the smaller image circle intended for APS-C/APS-H cameras. The adapter has been loaded with the Canon lens library meaning the adapter is able to recognize any EF or EF-S lens licensed by Canon. Please note that some third-party lenses may not be recognized or may not have full functionality.

Our FUSION EF to Z Smart AF Adapter is a great solution for photographers and videographers who use both Canon and Nikon cameras in their kit or anyone wanting to expand their lens selection. And for anyone who is considering making the switch from Canon to the Nikon Z system, you can continue using your favorite lenses with our adapter. 

In the end, our prank has become reality; things in life have a funny way of working out like that. We couldn't thank our clients and customers enough for helping us get to where we are. Let us take the release of our latest FUSION adapter as a sign of what is yet to come in 2021. Happy shooting, everyone.

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