A 3D-Printed Lens Adapter for a Minolta MD Lens to Canon FD Cameras #filmsesh
Hello and welcome back to another installment of #filmsesh where we talk all things film. In this session we will be introducing something we’re we...
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A Cold Morning on the Beach with WonderPana & the Nikon PC NIKKOR 19mm f/4E ED
On November 22nd, at 5:30am, my alarm blared on my bedside table. My eyes snapped open and I sleepily looked at the time. I slammed the snooze butt...
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Flapjack Cubed
A fun (and tasty) dive into some simple food photography.
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Nikon L35AF #filmsesh
The most popular film cameras in the current digital age are those of the point and shoot variety due to the simplicity of design and the ease of u...
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Hit the Streets: A Street Photography Outing in Downtown Chicago

Winter grows closer and closer, and as the days grow shorter, a few of us at Fotodiox wanted to make the most of the daylight, taking a trip down to Chicago for some street photography. Going wherever the wind took us...

Light Modifiers - General Overview
The most basic element for creating photographs is light, without light the camera cannot expose an image. Light provides sharpness, details and colors for the camera to record an image, so it is important to get the lighting correct...
Bringing the Film Age to Digital (AKA, Not The Kind of Lens Mount Adapter You'd Expect)
Years ago, before Fotodiox, I had a part time job in a darkroom. There was a lot to be found in a traditional darkroom: comfort, a place to nap, and the familiar smell of stop bath. A darkroom comes to life when it’s busy...
(Probably) The Biggest Variable Neutral Density Filter You've Ever Seen
Here at Fotodiox, we offer all sorts of direct solutions to problems you may approach on a project. The right tools exist for the right occasion, but I don’t mind a good DIY solution either...
An Evening in the Park with WonderPana & the Rokinon 14mm
Our associate Angel was inspired by our WonderPana content over the last week and decided to take an evening walk through Rock Creek Park in northwest Washington DC. He had the Rokinon 14mm with the dedicated WonderPana FreeArc core...
WonderPana Explained
You may have heard of the WonderPana filter system but, you’re probably confused about what 145  and XL mean or what a WonderPana 66 is. In this post we’ll introduce all the terms related to the WonderPana filter system...