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Light Modifiers - General Overview
The most basic element for creating photographs is light, without light the camera cannot expose an image. Light provides sharpness, details and colors for the camera to record an image, so it is extremely important to get the lighting correct so you can expose a proper image. Photography is all about playing with light and shadows. The way you illuminate your subject will decide your results. So how do we get 'good' lighting, how do we change the lighting of a shot? With light modifiers!
Bringing the Film Age to Digital (AKA, Not The Kind of Lens Mount Adapter You'd Expect)
Years ago, before Fotodiox, I had a part time job in a darkroom. There was a lot to be found in a traditional darkroom: comfort, a place to nap, an...
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(Probably) The Biggest Variable Neutral Density Filter You've Ever Seen
Here at Fotodiox, we offer all sorts of direct solutions to problems you may approach on a project. The right tools exist for the right occasion, b...
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An Evening in the Park with WonderPana & the Rokinon 14mm
Our associate Angel was inspired by our WonderPana content over the last week and decided to take an evening walk through Rock Creek Park in northw...
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WonderPana Explained
You may have heard of the WonderPana filter system but, you’re probably confused about what 145  and XL mean or what a WonderPana 66 is. In this post we’ll introduce all the terms related to the WonderPana filter system.
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Understanding Flange Focal Distance
Flange Focal Distance & What FFD Means for You Close-up showing the FFD of a Sony E-Mount camera Focal Flange Distance/Flange Focal Di...
Picture day at Fotodiox
Fall is just around the corner, and for many out there, school is back in session. At Fotodiox, we've got some new faces (and returning ones) so what better way to get into the school spirit than having a picture day!
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New Fusion Auto Adapters
Our New Fusion EF-MFT Smart AF Lens Adapter will allow you to use your existing Canon EF/EF-S lenses on your Micro Four Thirds camera body with full AF capabilities and aperture control. This new addition has a micro USB port to allow for firmware upgrades as well as an iris toggle switch to allow you to control your aperture from the adapter on select MFT camera models.