Back to Art School: The Essentails

August 17, 2023
Back to Art School: The Essentails

Jump into the new semester with these essential studio products.

Prizmo Handhelds

These days you need to have a pocket light in your lighting kit. Continuous lights normally come in a bicolor option but our affordable handheld options do that and more. Our Prizmo handheld series of lights are also RGB and come three form factor:
Prizmo Pocket - Small phone sized light that fits in your pocket.
Prizmo Globe - Dome shaped light that fits in the palm of your hand and has a magnetic base.
Prizmo Stick - a 15in 180° tube light that offers a portable and high intensity solution.

EZ-Pro DLX Beauty Dish

This is our latest and greatest quick collapse softbox that’s a two in one solution. This light modifier can be used a standard, double-diffused softbox or a beauty dish modifier with the included deflector plate. This kit also comes standard with a grid that easily attaches to the front of the softbox. You can achieve multiple looks and styles with just one EZ-Pro DLX Beauty Dish - available in four sizes for Bowens mount.

Warrior LED Series

Our Warrior LED series of high-intensity lighting are easy to use and are compatible with Bowens mount light modifiers. Available in daylight balanced or bi-color options, these are excellent beginner lighting that cost less than competing brands. Our Warrior LED lighting come in various power levers from a 150w all the way to a 1000w powerhouse.

Portable Background Kits

Ditch the seamless and try using the Portable Background Kit. This quick assemble, self standing background system comes in a Black/White, Green/Blue, and a diffuser option. These are good to use for headshots, portraits, and video work.

Lens Adapters

Save money on buying lenses, consider lens adapting. The advantages of lens adapters are being able to use vintage glass or DSLR lenses on your mirrorless camera. Using vintage lenses adds character to your image due to the coatings or defects in the glass. We offer manual and autofocus lens adapters. We even have lens adapters that enable autofocus on manual focus vintage glass! Use our lens adapter lookup tool to find the one for you.

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