What is a Shift Stitch Lens Adapter?

January 19, 2024
What is a Shift Stitch Lens Adapter?

High-detail photographic work requires a lot of megapixels and is typically reserved for archival work, architecture, interiors, and product photography. This means having a larger-format camera such as a Fujifilm GFX, Hasselblad H6, or even a 4x5 film camera. These options are costly and not accessible to all photographers’ budgets. Thankfully there are alternatives to these cameras when it comes to creating high-resolution images.
Taking a series of photos and then stitching them in an editing software such as Photoshop isn’t new. Many photographers have used this method in the digital age to create panoramas. The method can range from hand-held shots to precision tripod heads. Stitching multiple photos in this manner will create a high-resolution landscape image but we’ve taken this concept to the next level through lens adapting.
With our RhinoCam series, we have created a method of capturing multiple images using a modern day sensor in conjunction with medium format lenses. These adapters are not traditional metal tubes but rather an aluminum board with interchangeable lens mounts.
With something like our RhinoCam adapter for Sony APS-C cameras, you have the option of using an *A6000 series camera with either a Mamiya 645 or Hasselblad V-Mount lens. The RhinoCam will allow you to shift the camera sensor around the large image circle of the medium format lens.

The RhinoCam has six stages that help capture six images needed to create a 645 style image in post-production. The included viewing screen helps you compose the frame and then it’s as simple as positioning the camera to the designated positions marked on the board. Panoramas are also possible with the RhinoCam!

Other shift stitching adapters in our lineup include our 4x5 camera adapter boards that allow you to adapt cameras to the graflok rear standard back of large format cameras. The camera can then be shifted around the lens image circle using the designated markings on the board. This board will allow you to create 60x60mm, 68x43mm, and 88x43mm stitched images on full-frame.

An updated version of the RhinoCam was introduced in 2021 as the RhinoCam Vertex. This series features a more traditional lens adapter design and is available in more camera and lens combinations. The new system is also more compact and portable than the original RhinoCams.

The RhinoCam Vertex keeps the camera mount off-center and rotates in four stages. This captures images around the image circle of the lens being adapted and only requires four images to create a square large format style image in post.

Other adapters we offer do also shift functions. Our rotating shift adapters can also be used to quickly create images to stitch or upgrade to our TLT ROKR adapter to add tilt functionality as well.

All of these options are great alternatives to large-format cameras, especially since they incorporate gear you're already using or can easily acquire. Going down this route can help you save money now while you work your way up to a better ecosystem. Vintage medium format lenses are inexpensive and have a high resolving power. Good places to buy vintage medium format lenses are your local camera shop, KEH.com, and usedphotopro.com!

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