A simple kit for Video Creators

July 17, 2020
A simple kit for Video Creators

With the rise of video content creation on YouTube and other platforms, there has been a growing demand for professional lighting. Many of you reading this understand that lighting is a key element in the video-making process. It increases production value and adds polish to your videos helping keep your audience engaged. It can be overwhelming with so many lighting options to choose from, but we are here to help. That is why we are introducing you to our best lighting kit for YouTube, live streaming, and more!

Our SkyFiller SF50 1x1 2-light kit offers the versatility and power you need to light your scene wherever and whenever you want. Everything you need comes packed in padded travel cases; even the included light stands. Let’s breakdown what makes this kit our best.


The SkyFiller SF50 1x1 is a bi-color LED light, which means it has an adjustable color temperature range of 2800K to 6500K. The SkyFiller panel can be adjusted to match the lighting in your shooting environment whether it’s in-studio, on location, indoors or outdoors. Many YouTubers and vloggers prefer to use natural light, but sometimes you a little more punch. Adding our SkyFiller to the mix will help add fill without throwing off the white balance in the shot.


Even though the SkyFiller is lightweight and compact, it still packs the power you need and expect from our flagship lights. Each SkyFiller SF50 1x1 panel has a rating of 8.8 EV at 2800K and 9.2 EV at 6500K at 100%, providing more than enough power to light your set. This is all possible thanks to the external power supply/control board complete with an illuminated LCD display showing real-time color temperature and output intensity. The power supply also features a V-mountbattery plate that enables you to use the light anywhere, even without an outlet. Check out our V-mount batteries here.

Assembly is simple. Each SkyFiller panel comes complete with built-in diffusion that helps soften the light and reduce the dimpling effect created by bare LED chips. To further soften the light, the included softbox accessory is easily mounted using a Velcro-style attachment found on the edges of the panel. On the back of the SkyFiller panel is a twist-lock style mount that lets you attach the included magic arm to the light and stand. This allows you to easily position the light and make quick adjustments when needed.


This design allows you to have the lighting you want without the need for additional accessories. You no longer have to worry about assembling a traditional softbox or buying a separate diffusion panel. The Velcro-style mount on the light also leaves room for future accessory development such as barndoors or a grid.


With a two light setup you can evenly light yourself or your subject with no harsh shadows – ideal for green screen setups. A dynamic setup can be achieved by turning one light into a key light and the other into a fill light. The shadows created with this setup achieve enough depth to separate the subject from the background – a benefit of having a second light.

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