A Sony E Accessories Guide

January 20, 2023
A Sony E Accessories Guide

The brand new A7R V is the latest model to join Sony's R series . Boasting a 61-megapixel sensor, the high resolution makes it great for photography and filmmaking. Here at Fotodiox we have plenty of accessories that take the A7R V to the next level.

Lens Adapters

If you're upgrading from a different Sony E-mount camera you'll likely have plenty of lenses to choose at your disposal. But if you're coming from an older system or want to experiment with vintage lenses, Fotodiox has a wide variety of adapters to choose from. The Sony E-mount has a relatively short flange focal distance which opens many lens adapting opportunities.

Mounts like the Canon FD, Minolta MD, and M42 (to name a few) are all popular lenses to adapt. These vintage lenses bring wonderful qualities, like the tactile feel, fully-manual operation, and adding character to your photos. Older lenses can typically be found on eBay, KEH, UsedPhotoPro, and sometimes even your local thrift store.

You can even adapt medium format lenses such as Mamiya 645, Hasselblad V, and Pentax 67. These workhorse lenses are known for having great optics, serving professionals for decades. Although the A7R V's resolution-packed full-frame sensor can't utilize the full image circle of medium format lenses, it captures the sweet spot of the lens right in the middle. This offers the best optical quality and depth of field.

Many of our adapters are completely manual, however, the Fotodiox Pronto adapter allows autofocus on manual-focus lenses. Natively, the Pronto adapter accepts Leica M-mount lenses, so you can use your favorite Leica M glass. If you don't have any Leica M lenses, you can double adapt different Fotodiox M-mount adapters to the Pronto to expand your options!

We also make lens adapters catered towards filmmakers and landscape photographers through our ND Throttle line. ND Throttle adapters have a built-in variable neutral density (2-8 stops) filter, giving you an extra layer of control. Bright daylight, which would usually drastically overexpose your scene, can be shot with a wide-open aperture using our ND Throttle.

While a lot of newer Sony E-mount bodies have the Pixel Shift Multi Shooting function to allow for high-res images, our RhinoCam Vertex adapters offer an alternative way to get more resolution.

Sony's Pixel Shift works by taking several pictures and compositing them using software. The final result gives more clarity and detail, as well as more megapixels. In contrast, the RhinoCam Vertex lens adapters are offers a much more transformative stitching process. It takes advantage of a larger image circle by shooting four overlapping shots and combining them in post-production. The final image is wider than the full-frame field of view.

Browse through all of our Sony E lens mount adapters here.

Macro Accessories

With a sensor as pixel-rich as the A7R V, why wouldn't you use it to get extreme close-ups and macro shots? There are plenty of macro accessories available depending on what you need specifically.

Extension tubes are a great place to start. Putting space between the lens and camera lets you get up close and personal with your subject. Your basic, fully-manual extension tubes are affordable and easy to install. The extension tube kit includes a mount for both the lens and camera, as well as three different-sized metal tubes that can be threaded together in any combination to suit your needs.

Automatic extension tubes are a little pricier, but they do offer some quality-of-life improvements. The bayonet mount on both sides makes them much quicker to swap out, and the electronic contacts allow for features like autofocus, aperture control, and image stabilization.

Macro helicoid adapters offer versatility if you have a lens with a different mount. When it's fully-contracted, it acts as any old lens adapter (as mentioned earlier in the article). But as you twist the ring to extend the adapter, you instantly improve your lens' close-focus distance. It's the best of both worlds!

Out of all of our macro accessories, bellows give you the longest extension. You also get precision; the rail mounts and knobs make the bellows easy to adjust.


If you have an ultra wide-angle lens like the Sony FE 12-24mm f/4 G or the Sony FE 12-24mm f/2.8 GM, you're well aware that the lens' built-in lens hoods doesn't allow for a standard filter thread. Our WonderPana filter holders clamp onto your lens and let you screw on our large round UV, CPL or ND filters. The Sony FE 12-24mm f/4 G filter holder uses our 145mm filters, while the Sony FE 12-24mm f/2.8 GM filter holder uses our larger 186mm size. If you're interested in our rectangular graduated ND filters, attach the upgrade brackets to your WonderPana filter holder.

The solid ND filters range from ND4 to ND1000, which are indispensable tools for getting smooth, long exposure photographs. If the idea of an ND1000 excites you, we do have them in standard filter sizes as well.

Sony offers plenty of amazing lenses at a variety of price points. It's an incredible ecosystem with lenses to fit all scenarios. But why limit yourself there? Adapting lenses gives us the chance to experiment with new looks and use lenses from other systems as well. And our macro accessories and our WonderPana filter system are great tools for bringing out the maximum potential of the lenses we already have. 

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