An Evening in the Park with WonderPana & the Rokinon 14mm

October 11, 2019
An Evening in the Park with WonderPana & the Rokinon 14mm

Our associate Angel was inspired by our WonderPana content over the last week and decided to take an evening walk through Rock Creek Park in northwest Washington DC. He had the Rokinon 14mm with the dedicate WonderPana FreeArc core, our CPL, MC-CPL and ND1000 filters with him.

MC-CPL used to take this shot, 1/40 f/8 ISO800

Though in the midst of a bustling metropolis, Rock Creek Park is a slice of east coast wilderness right in DC. Taking a walk opens opportunities to capture some great images. Walking around with just the standard CPL engaged helps make the colors of the forest pop.

1/80 f/8 ISO 800: No filter

1/40 f/8 ISO 800: Standard CPL; taken at foot level with a table top tripod

In the images above you can see the difference a CPL can make. With the CPL in polarizing position Angel has intensified the green of the leaves and cut through the haze in the upper left corner revealing a blue sky. The reflections in the water remain in this image due to the low angle at which it was taken.


10sec f/8 ISO 800: MC-CPL and ND1000; shot at foot level

Angel then switched to the MC-CPL for more haze and reflection reduction. With the MC-CPL we can see additional haze reduction in the sky as well as a more natural look to the intensification of the colors.

10sec f/8 ISO 800: MC-CPL and ND1000; shot at foot level

The addition of the ND1000 helps to smooth the ripples on the surface of the water, to create mirror-like reflection.

10sec f/8 ISO 800: MC-CPL and ND1000; taken from shin height

Raising the camera up from the ground shows how the MC-CPL reduces reflection and allows detail below water to be seen, such rocks, leaves, and water spiders! The ND1000 is still providing the smoothing effect leaving a glassy surface on the water.

10sec f/8 ISO 800: MC-CPL and ND1000

1/100 f/8 ISO 1600: Standard CPL; hand held

Angel created this image on the fly, using the CPL to intensify the colors while paying attention to the rule of odds to compose an image that draws you in.

We encourage you to take a walk into the woods, be inspired and just take some photos! Sometimes all you need is a wide prime and a CPL to get you going. Check out all of the WonderPana products here. WonderPana cores are currently available for 19 wide angle lenses and don’t forget we have WonderPana step-up rings for your lenses that have standard filter threads.

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