Back to Art School: The Lighting You Need Right Now

August 17, 2023
Back to Art School: The Lighting You Need Right Now
You’re back. It’s a new semester and you’re wondering what you’ll create this year. You might be planning shoots right now. Lighting is vital for your work and finding the right kit that works for you a major investment at this stage of your career.

However, don’t stress too much; we all know ambient lighting does the trick. Even something as simple as a reflector can elevate your work.

Luckily we have some affordable lighting models that are budget-friendly. We’ll start this off with the most affordable and to the most expensive light. Each model is worth every dollar and they all come with a two-year warranty.

Prizmo Pocket

The name says it all! This pocket-sized RGB light offers a dimmable bi-color and full RGB control. You can adjust the color balance or use HSI mode to create the right hue.

This light is rechargeable and can even power small accessories such as your phone. Use it as a key light or fill, it’s a great way to add a pop of color.

Prizmo Stick

Much like the Prizmo Pocket, the Prizmo Stick is brighter and offers Bluetooth pairing to use with our app. This 180* tube light offers a wide coverage and unique catch lights. This light is also good for product photography.

Warrior 200D

For when you need a powerful light that can be easily modified. The warrior 200D is a daylight-balanced LED light that is compatible with standard bowens mount light modifiers - we carry various! Compared to competing 200-wattlights out there, ours is the cheapest and most color accurate. So why not get the best if you’re in the market for a monolight-style LED light?

PopSpot V2

Our PopSpot V2 is an ultra compact LED head that is also battery powered. This tiny light is the next step above our smaller lights ironically. It can be easily diffused using a reflector or paired with its spotlight attachment (sold separately). If you upgrade to the spotlight attachment you can flag the light with the included barndoor accessory or use with Profoto-mount light modifiers.


This 1x1 60w light comes with barndoors and a diffused panel for soft light. Use it with AC power or attach a V-mount battery for cordless control. This bi-color panel is good for various setups and easy to use. It’s also compatible with our app and can be controlled remotely.

DaoLite Prizmo

Tube lights are becoming more and more popular in photo and video sets. Our DaoLite Prizmo is a 360* RGB tube that can be used with AC power or upgraded to work with our proprietary battery handle. /**/

FlapJack C-700

The FlapJack C-700 is the original edge light and a classic LED panel used by many. This complete lighting kit comes in a case with an AC power adapter and two 970 NP-F batteries for cordless use. This is our thinnest panel yet and it’s circular form factor is perfect for lighting humans. That’s not even the best part. The FlapJack C-700 is edge-lit which means you get soft light the second you turn this panel on. With only two dials and functions, this is the easiest light to use and packs a punch for most situations.

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