Fotodiox's 2023 Holiday Gift Guide!

December 1, 2023
Fotodiox's 2023 Holiday Gift Guide!

Gifting gear can be tricky when you're shopping for a photographer or filmmaker. Everyone has different needs depending on what they do, so here are a few different gift ideas, sorted by category. Be sure to click the red "Read More" buttons below to learn more about each category and get direct links to collections and products.

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Gifts for Macro Photographers

While macro photography is sometimes considered niche, it's a very easy type of photography to get into. Although you may be considering macro lenses, there are a lot of the tools below that help give close-up functionality to lenses that may not perform so well at close distances.

Macro extension tubes put distance between the lens and camera. The farther away the lens is from the camera, the closer your lens will be able to focus. Extension tubes come in two major varieties: basic and automatic. Basic tubes don't have any electronics, making them super affordable, and the different sizes of included rings make it easy to come up with different combinations to find the one that works for your set-up. Automatic extension tubes give you control of any electronic functions your lens may have, like aperture control, autofocus, and even image stabilization.

Macro bellows work similarly to extension tubes, but offer a lot more distance between the lens and camera while also allowing for fine-tuned changes thanks to the adjustment knobs.

Macro Reverse Rings are a bit more experimental than the other two macro options. Instead of adding space between the lens and camera, macro reverse rings allow users to mount a lens backwards, by its filter threads. It may take some time to get used to it, but you can come out with some really spectacular results.

Honorable mention: the DLX Stretch series of lens adapters works like a standard lens adapter, which lets you mount vintage/older lenses on your mirrorless cameras. When fully-compacted, the adapter works as a standard adapter, but twisting the ring moves the lens away from the sensor, giving you some macro functionality.

Gifts for Filmmakers

Technology has grown rapidly in the past decade, and while cameras were primarily photo-oriented, it's rare to find a camera that doesn't also take video. This has made filmmaking more accessible. The gear listed below still has utility for those who solely do photography, but they're also great tools for filmmakers.

If you're using a camera rig that uses a 15mm rod system, this follow focus is a great tool to allow for smooth focus pulling. It's customizable allowing you to mount the focus knob on either side of the camera set-up. Plus, the white ring can be marked with a dry-erase markers so you can easily reference different stopping points.

For a more compact run-and-gun set-up, focus handles can be a great alternative to a follow focus system. The bread and butter of a focus handle is being lightweight while still offering a way to finely tune and pull focus.

With a standard 1/4”-20 thread at each end, magic arms help you put extra gear to your rigs. Reposition easily adjusting the large tension knob that connects the two arms to readjust as you see fit.

When shooting outside, camera settings can be tricky, since you can't always use the settings you want. Shooting 1/50th in-studio with your lens wide open is easy because you can adjust your lighting until the scene looks right. But when you're outside, at the mercy of the sun, you don't have that same level of control. Thankfully, if you're someone who adapts lenses, the ND Throttle gives you variable neutral density between the lens and camera to give you more flexibility. No more blowing out your scene; just dial in the neutral density until you're at the right exposure for your project.

Gifts for Portrait Shooters

When getting into flash photography, you're opening all sorts of possibilities for new set-ups. Here are a few tools to make the magic happen:

If you're setting your light away from the camera, you need flash triggers, so the camera can sync up to the light. The PocketWonder and WonderBurst are affordable options. These kits come with a transceiver for the camera, and receivers for the flash.

Mini softboxes are small modifiers for on-camera flashes that can soften your light. They're small enough to fit in your camera bag, with various different shapes and sizes available.

For something a little bigger and more robust, the F60 Quick-Collapse flash softbox is a 24” softbox suited for off-camera hotshoe flashes. The six spokes on the softbox pop out easily, and the handle can be used without the softbox as an umbrella bracket for added flexibility.

Gifts for Landscape Photographers

Our WonderPana system gives you the ability to use threaded filters on ultra-wide-angle lenses that don't have their own filter threads. Every WonderPana-compatible lens has its own dedicated, custom-fit filter holder, and users have multiple options for available filters.

Shift stitching has never been easier than with the RhinoCam Vertex line of adapters. RhinoCam vertex adapters use the camera sensor to capture the four corners of a lens' image circle when used with a medium format lens. The images can be stitched together in post-production to create a high-resolution image with a wider field of view.

For smooth, buttery waterscapes and cloudscapes, landscape users need long shutter speeds, and it's not uncommon to have shots that were taken across multiple seconds. ND1000 filters give you 10 stops of neutral density to help you get that dreamy look.

Gifts for Content Creators

Content creation comes in many forms, and every creator likely has different needs than another. Thankfully, the gear below covers a lot of different bases:

Chromakey background kits are essential for keying yourself out. Get a quick-collapse frame for easy set-ups and teardowns, or a Complete Portable Background Kit for a rigid, sturdy, free-standing backdrop.

Lighting is an easy way to level up your content! Selfie Starlite LEDs offer plenty of output and have adjustable brightness and color temperature. Choose between ringlights for that classic look (and the cool ring-shaped catchlights), or the Selfie Stix if you want a more flexible light. If you want something more akin to a studio light, the DLX EZ-Light is an affordable all in one solution, a LED light with built-in softbox and comes with diffusers, an eggcrate grid, and a stand.

We also have some smaller lighting options that still pack a punch! The curved Radius Pico covers a wide spread and allows you to adjust your color temperature. And the RGB Prizmo Pocket to add a splash of color. Both lights come with adapters that let you mount them directly to your camera's hotshoe, making them solid options for vlog set-ups!

Phone camera qualities are only getting better, and some creators are using their phones for full-time content creation. Our Phone Clamp Kit gives you an easy way to mount and adjust your phone placement. You can easily switch from vertical to horizontal shooting, and the included tripod can also be used as a handle.

Gifts for Product Photographers

Tabletop studios are staples for product photographers, and the LED Studio-in-a-Box is no exception. The box folds out into a cube, so the reflective interior let the dimmable, built-in LED lights light your product evenly. The kit includes 4 different backdrops, and the top panel also includes a slot so you can easily take top-down shots as well.

The arched leg tripod is a compact tripod if you have a smooth, sturdy surface to put your camera on. The tripod keeps steady, and the ballhead allows for easy adjustments so you can get the perfect angle.

5-in-1 collapsible reflectors offer lots of flexibility. Use the silver or white to bounce light to fill in shadows. The black panel can flag off unwanted spill from outside light sources. Removing the out cover completely also reveals the diffuser that can help soften your light source.

For larger products or clothing items that require a model, you'll likely need a full-size studio, but who doesn't love the look a seamless paper backdrop? If you want to save a few trips up and down a ladder, grab a paper drive set to quicken your set-up time.

Stocking Stuffers

If you're just looking for smaller gear or accessories to give as a gift, here are some ideas that also don't focus too much on a singule niche:

You can never have enough caps! They're easy to lose, so why not snag a few extras? If you want a cap with more flair and personality, the designer body and rear lens caps come in bright colors that are easier to spot when you're out on location.

L-brackets are a convenient way to change camera rotation without moving the entire head. The Exxi Omni Sr fits a wide variety of cameras and the Arca Swiss mount on both sides make it easy to slide the camera into position.

While it may look unassuming, the Universal Mini Ball Head is a versatile tool. It's compatible with any accessory with a ¼”-20 thread and can tighten onto any hot shoe or cold shoe. Get creative and mount anything from small lights, microphones, or on-camera monitors.

We have straps for certain vintage cameras like Rollei TLR or Hasselblad V cameras. If you have a more modern camera like a DSLR or mirrorless camera, our Ultra Hand Strap lets you buckle in so you can keep the camera on you for long periods of shooting.

GoTough accessories are all-metal, brightly-colored accessories for your GoPro that give your gear a distinct look and a sturdy connection. Try our screws, extenders, or GoTough Sharkbites that double as bottle openers!

The Ninja system of smartphone accessories allows you to adapt filters, lens hoods, and more onto any smartphone. These accessories are lightweight and can be easily used whenever inspiration hits you.

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