Gift for all the Photo & Video Creators on your list

December 2, 2022
Gift for all the Photo & Video Creators on your list

Need help finding a gift for that photo or video enthusiast in your life? Then look no further, our holiday gift guide has you covered!

Stocking Stuffers

These small and useful items are great for gifting to multiple people or simply spoiling that special someone with more gifts!

GoTough - GoPro and Action Camera Accessories

These small, all-metal hardware pieces add style and functionality to anyone’s GoPro camera. This line of products comes in various colors and is compatible with all GoPro models and action cameras that use the GoPro 2-prong mounting system.

Ninja - Creative Universal & Magnetic Accessories for Smartphones

This universal, magnetic adapter allows you to adapt filters, lens hoods, and more onto any smartphone. The best camera afterall, is the one you can pull out of your pocket anywhere you are! These accessories are lightweight and can be taken anywhere as well! This is great for photographers and filmmakers. 

Mini Flash Softbox

If the person you are gifting to has one of those fancy flashes that go on their camera then look no further than our mini flash softboxes. These accessories are easy to use and soften the flash for more flattering photos of people. This humble gift goes a long way and makes a great tool for any photographer's lighting kit. 

Gifts for Content Creators

Making videos and livestreaming has risen in popularity in recent years, and it's never been easier to get into it than now. If someone in your life likes to make YouTube videos or livestreams on Twitch or anything in between than look no further than these great options:

Collapsible Green Screens

Green screens are great for replacing the background in editing with anything you want. This piece of equipment is essential for live streamers and we have designed ours to be durable and compact. You can order our standard 5x7 green screen that comes with a stand or our new portable background kit that comes with self standing feet! Both styles of green screens come with a green and blue side. 

Selfie Starlite Beauty Lights

Good lighting is important for anyone who is in front of a camera. Content creators also need lighting that's simple to use with effortless control over color temperature and power output. That is where our Selfie Starlite beauty lights come in! These plug and play lights come in two styles: a ring light design and a two headed flexible arm fixture. Our Selfie Starlites are centered around being able to mount your camera onto them and provide amazing lighting in an instant. Get that TikTok star this gift now, you won’t regret it.

Prizmo RGB Mini Lights

This is one of the coolest easy to use, feature packed gifts you can get for a content creator. It will add color to anyone’s video in an instant without taking up much space. These include our Prizmo Stick 512 wand light (App Controlled), our Prizmo Globe dome light with magnetic base (App Controlled), and our Prizmo Pocket mini panel.

Gifts For Filmmakers

Filmmakers are always looking for great gear to add to their tools of the trade. Luckily we have plenty of nifty gadgets they’ll love.

ND Throttles

What the heck is an ND Throttle? Well filmmakers love ND filters which are basically tinted filters that make things darker, providing more control over the lighting during a shoot. We designed a lens adapter with a built-in variable ND filter. This means there are multiple degrees of darkening that our ND Throttle adapter series offers, perfect for shooting in bright situations where lighting can't be controlled. This allows filmmakers to speed up their workflow without sacrificing quality when adapting lenses. Simply find out what lenses and camera your filmmaker giftee has to find the right adapter. 

Focus Handles & Belts

Focus handles and belts are used on lenses and provide smooth, more refined focus pulls.

General Gift Items

We stock a wide range fun gift items catered towards photographers and more. These include:

LenZCoasters: a coaster set in the shape of a popular lens that any photographer or filmmaker would recognize.

Union Keyboard Tray: designed to fit the Apple Magic Keyboard and Trackpad 2 in one tray for improved ergonomics

Mirage Trio: a camera replica that works as a charging station for smartphones and Apple Watches

Crystal Cam: crystal camera replicas of popular cameras that work as bookends, display pieces, and more.

Gifts for Landscape Photographers and Enthusiasts


Our WonderPana filter adapter system is highly regarded in the landscape photography community. If the person you are shopping for has any of the compatible lenses, consider buying them a simple kit such as our CPL, UV, or ND kits. These are essential filters for a landscape photographer.

RhinoCam Vertex

This is a great adapter for vintage lens collectors. With the RhinoCam Vertex, landscape photographers can use their vintage glass to capture four images in different positions. With these images, they can be combined in editing softwares like photoshop to create high detail images of scenic landscapes.

ND1000 Filters

If you know someone who likes taking landscapes and scenic photos check out this practical filter. Our ND1000 filter is a tinted filter that blocks light by a lot. This helps create those moody photos with clouds and water that look blurred.

Gifts for Macro Photographers and Enthusiasts 

Not sure what to get that photographer in your life or video buff? It's okay. Macro accessories are the best gift because they unlock a whole new world of photography and video. Consider buying them one of our many macro extension tubes or even our macro bellows rail system

We also have macro reverse rings which allows for mounting of the lens in reverse for quick macro capabilities. To get the correct version you’ll need to know the filter size of the lens and the mount on their camera system. 

Lastly, consider our Ninja Macro Kit (or Complete Kit) which includes a 20x macro lens. Trust us, they will have hours of fun with this little trinket!

Need help figuring out which model of adapter, macro accessory or WonderPana you need for your giftee? Shoot us an email, we’re here to help!

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