Introducing Our First Weather Resistant Luminary: Warrior 1000XR

May 20, 2022
Introducing Our First Weather Resistant Luminary: Warrior 1000XR

What makes an LED light for video and photo versatile is the ability to take it virtually anywhere. The majority of our lighting solutions have this ability due to being lightweight with the option to use battery power. However, there is one factor that keeps our lighting from being used anywhere in the truest sense: the elements. The majority of lighting solutions on the market, including ours, are not equipped to handle what nature can throw their way. That is why we have introduced our first ever weather-resistant LED light: the Warrior 1000XR. This addition to the Warrior series is a glimpse into our weather-sealing technology and our brightest bi-color light yet.

warrior 1000xr hero shot


The Warrior 1000XR is weather-resistant, which means it can operate in rain-like conditions (natural or artificial) for up to 15 minutes. Both the light head and the power supply are designed to be resistant to damage from water. This includes gaskets in all of the ports, sealed internals and wiring, and even the V-mount plates on the power supply. This allows the Warrior 1000XR to be used more on location in temperatures of -4° to 113° F (-20° to 45° C).

warrior 1000xr hero shot with droplets of water on the light

BI-COLOR 2700-6500K

The Warrior 1000XR is our brightest bi-color LED unit that uses a hybrid 500W Daylight and 500W Tungsten COB LED. At one meter, the bare lens of the Warrior 1000XR can output ~18,830 lux (5600K). With the included 15° reflector, the output is amplified to ~230,000 lux (5600K). To give some perspective, the Warrior 1000XR is able to output the equivalent of a cloudy day with the bare lens and bright daylight with the 15° reflector. The COB LED has a lifespan of ~50,000 working hours.

warrior 1000xr close up shot of LED chip


The Warrior design is based around separating the power supply and control panel from the light source to conserve weight and maximize brightness. The Warrior 1000XR shares a similar interface as seen in the Warrior 600X with some differences such as a dedicated battery power button and a lock/stand-by button which locks the buttons on the power supply. The lock/stand-by button also provides the ability for instant-on functionality with your Warrior 1000XR when timing is critical to your shoot.

warrior 1000xr next to power supply control box

Here is a quick look at the interface buttons:


Brightness and color temperature can be fine-tuned or toggled to do broader stepped adjustments. This is done by long pressing the multi-function interface dial/button; this allows the brightness and color temperature to be changed in larger values for quick changes on set. Brightness can be adjusted from 0-100% and is flicker-free thanks to the PWM integrated circuit.


This menu button is used to adjust the DMX address range from 1 to 512. There is also an option for wireless DMX which can be enabled or disabled.

Address Setting

This allows the Warrior 1000XR series to be paired with the free app or to a remote (sold separately).


The special effects mode emulates real-world lighting scenarios and includes lightning, fireworks, flash, breath, cop car, SOS, faulty bulb, turn signal, screen, and alternating beam effects.


This adjusts the speed of the fan between low, medium, high, and auto.


Toggles between English and Chinese


The Warrior 1000XR power supply has a working AC voltage 100-240V and has a dedicated SF-20 port for DC 36-48V power. The power control box features two slots for V-lock batteries which can run for 18 minutes at 80% power using two Fotodiox 130h V-mount style batteries. Switching from V-mount battery power and AC power is quickly done by pressing the dedicated battery power button. The Warrior 1000XR can also be put into stand-by mode using the lock/stand-by button. This button cuts power to the light head only but keeps the power box on for instant-on functionality.

warrior 1000xr power supply control box close up on ports and connections


Along with the release of the Warrior 1000XR is our new Bowens mount spotlight modifier. This focusable 20° lens comes complete with an 18-blade iris insert, 12 M-size gobo disc inserts, a 100mm gel filter holder, and a 4 direction shutter, acting as internal barn doors for flagging the light.

warrior 1000xr with spotlight modifier attached


The Warrior 1000XR is designed for big sets or large studios. This includes productions for filmmaking, commercials, editorials, broadcasting, and other industry projects. Its price point makes them accessible for freelance creators and smaller content creation teams.

warrior 1000xr with spotlight modifier attached mounted on a rail system

To learn more about the Warrior 1000XR click here.

For information on other Warrior models checkout our Warrior 600 or Warrior 150 articles for more details!


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