Lets Goooo with the Prizmo Go!

October 1, 2021
Lets Goooo with the Prizmo Go!


If you are looking to upgrade your lighting kit to something versatile and easy to transport, then we have a pretty good option for you. The Prizmo Go is a feature-rich, all-metal LED panel with a color temperature range of 2800K to 10000K and a complete 360° HSI color selection. The Prizmo Go produces soft lighting that can be modified with the included metal barndoor attachment and the optional softbox or grid options (sold separately). The panel has several pre-programmed modes and a crystal clear display to see adjustments in real-time. Our user-friendly panel also comes standard with a custom-fitted travel case and is V-lock battery compatible, making it a great on-location option. 

In this overview, we will highlight all the features that make the Prizmo Go one of our “go-to” LED panels. 

It's RGB+W on the GO!



Light Source

The Prizmo Go has an array of RGB+W LED chips meaning it can produce red, green, blue, and white light. The Prizmo Go does not have a ‘Tungsten’ diode that is common on our studio LED units. Instead, the RGB diodes help create the warm white color range in this model. This still allows advanced users to adjust the green and magenta shift for accurate color rendering.

The Prizmo Go’s LED array is diffused by a specially designed acrylic diffusion panel that reduces color shifts. And speaking of color, since the Prizmo Go is using the latest in LED chip technology, it boasts a high CRI/TCLI of ≥95 which renders colors very accurately to a camera sensor. 

The Prizmo Go delivers the following outputs at one meter (100% power):

2800K - 2632Lux

3200K - 2803Lux

5600K - 2894Lux

10000K - 2640Lux

The brightness can be adjusted continuously from 0-100% and remains flicker-free across the range due to the integrated PWM circuit design. 




The Prizmo Go can be powered using the AC power adapter and included accessories for general use on set. It also features a dedicated 15V DC socket for a 4-pin XLR connection. The Prizmo Go can be battery-powered via the V-lock battery plate with a run time of 1.1 hours at max power. The V-lock plate is also used to hold the AC power adapter in place, keeping it tidy and out of the way when on set.



Keeping Cool

To ensure a long product life, the Prizmo Go dissipates heat via the milled heat ports found on the back of the light. The aluminum frame also helps keep the internals from overheating. 




The Prizmo Go uses a yolk so the panel can be mounted in various positions. Whether it’s a light stand or a sky rail, the angle can be adjusted by loosening the tightening knob on the side of the yolk. 

The Prizmo Go is also designed to accept accessories such as a barndoor assembly or honeycomb grid using a clip-on system. This system allows the honeycomb grid or barndoor to be added or removed quickly.

Two metal handles are attached to the backside of the panel for hand holding the light, easily connecting a safety cable or securely mounting the light in situations where a light stand may not be suitable. 

Since the Prizmo Go is a compact unit, the control interface is placed on the light with six easy-to-access pre-programmed modes as well as a full ‘menu’ and ‘back’ button. To adjust and navigate the settings, three control knobs are used, with one being a multi-function button/knob that can be used to save a preferred setting. 

The Prizmo Go is also designed to be firmware upgradable!



The Prizmo Go has six pre-programmed modes:

CCT - Adjusts the color temperature from 2800-10000K.

HSI - Access to a 360° color wheel with saturation and intensity control.

RGBW - Create custom colors by fine-tuning the red, green, blue, and white values.

Filters - Access a library of emulated Rosco gels.

Special Effects - Nine special effects options: party, candle, clouds, club lights, color chase, police, fire, fireworks, and lightning

Scenes - Save 15 preset scenes (5-CCT, 5-HSI and 5-RGBW) for quick changed or to make sure settings remain the same throughout a project. 

There are three control knobs used to adjust the values in each mode. There is a multi-function selector knob, a saturation knob, and a brightness knob. With the multi-function selector knob, five settings can be saved for CCT and HSI mode simply by holding down the button.

By using the ‘menu’ button, users will be able to access the six pre-programmed modes and also access a language menu, DMX settings, and remote pairing option. 



Real World


The Prizmo Go is made for studios or on-location work, hence the name. It is a portable version of our higher-tiered studio LED units such as our Factor Prizmo. The CCT mode allows for practical use on most projects that require general lighting such as interviews, social media content creation, portrait work, filmmaking, and more. The Prizmo Go also replaces the need for gels and helps replicate real-world lighting scenarios such as the neon lights of a city. The standard barndoor attachment allows for quick and easy light modification and our kit offering includes two extra light modifiers for even more creative control. 

Despite all of the features, the Prizmo Go is an easy-to-use light that allows users to do more shooting with less setting up. Whether you’re a solo user or a team, the Prizmo Go delivers all the power of a broadcasting light and more in a compact, portable solution. 

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