Pocket Sized! The Prizmo Pocket Overview

June 25, 2021
Pocket Sized! The Prizmo Pocket Overview

The Prizmo Pocket is a portable, professional full-color LED light for photo and video. The Prizmo Pocket is our most compact LED light and offers the best value in terms of features and build quality. In this overview, we will go into detail what makes this a must-have for any lighting kit.


Out of the box, the Prizmo Pocket comes stored in a stylish EVA case that has a zipper and strap. Inside the case is the light itself, one USB-C charging cable, one USB-C OTG discharge cable, one all-metal cold shoe adapter, and the user manual (which we recommend reading), all organized and held in place by the mesh nylon pockets inside.


The Prizmo Pocket is designed to be an LED panel with the portability and feel of a smartphone. It is five by three inches with a thickness of 0.41 inches, and the light only weighs 5.82 ounces (185 grams). The Prizmo Pocket frame and rear cover are constructed from aluminum alloy for maximum durability,a critical feature professional gear needs considering the amount of use and travel it might get.

The panel offers two 1/4”-20 screw mounts, one on the bottom and one on the side. These can connect to various mounting accessories such as ballheads, tripods, magic arms, and more. On the back of the panel is a OLED screen that displays real-time data such as settings and remaining battery life. The panel is controlled by four all-metal buttons found on the right side of the frame. The front of the panel is covered by a durable, frosted diffuser that softens the light emitted by the LED chips. There are a total of 135 LED chips carefully arrayed on the panel with 63 RGB chips, 36 cool white, and 36 warm white diodes.


The Prizmo Pocket is powered by a rechargeable 3.85V 4000mAh (15.48Wh) lithium polymer battery. When fully charged, the Prizmo Pocket offers 1.5 hours of use at 100% power. The battery icon on the display will have four bars with each bar representing 25% battery life. When it's time to charge, the Prizmo Pocket is QuickCharge 3.0 compatible; with a 5V 2A power source. the light will charge in just two hours.

The Prizmo Pocket can also be used as a portable charger that can power other devices such as your phone. The included USB-C OTG discharge cable can be used to adapt other power cables. The max output is the same as the max charging input and the panel will not light up in this stage. 

Light Quality

The Prizmo Pocket delivers soft, flicker-free light with an incredibly high color accuracy. The Prizmo Pocket has a CRI(Ra) of 95+ and a TLCI(Qa) of 97+, a must-have feature for any modern day LED panel. 

When it comes to brightness, the Prizmo Pocket packs a punch despite its compact size. At 100% power, the daylight (8373K) chip outputs 315Lux at one meter and 255Lux at its tungsten (2500K) setting. As for the individual colors at max power, red is 88Lux, green is 188Lux, and blue is 51Lux at one meter. This makes the Prizmo Pocket an ultra-bright light. 


Simplicity is everything, whether it's design or operation, the Prizmo Pocket is operated by only four buttons: power/mode, settings, and +/-. The power/mode button is used to turn the light on and toggle between four lighting modes. To turn the light on, users must press and hold the power button to fully commit to using the light; the delay exists to eliminate accidentally turning the light on in your pocket, bag, or hands. Once on, the power button becomes the mode button and short-pressing it will toggle between four mode options. The settings button can now be used to toggle between the available adjustments found in each mode. With the +/- buttons, the value of each available adjustment can be increased or decreased. 



Four Modes

Yes…four modes. There is a CCT, HSI, RGB Mixing, and Scene mode each with their own unique functions. 

CCT Mode (White Light)

When in CCT mode, users can control the color temperature and brightness of the light. The brightness can be adjusted from 0-100% and color temperature from 2500K to 8500K. This broad color temperature range is enough to match the lighting in most shooting scenarios. This mode can be used to operate the Prizmo Pocket like a traditional bi-color LED.

HSI (Hue, Saturation, Intensity)

HSI mode will allow users to select a Hue from a 0-360° range as seen on a traditional color wheel. The saturation value will control the amount of white light the diodes emit; 0% means only white light is being used while a value of 100% represents no white light. The intensity, also known as brightness, can be controlled from 0-100%. HSI mode is a convenient, user-friendly way to use the full color feature on the Prizmo Pocket..

RGB Mixing

This is one of the most interesting modes on the Prizmo Pocket. It will allow you to independently control the red, green, and blue values from 0 to 255. This allows users to create up to 16 million unique color combinations and fine-tune color to perfectly fit the scene. Users can replicate colors seen on a hexadecimal chart as long as they know the RGB values. 


Our Prizmo series offers preprogrammed scenes that emulate real-world lighting scenarios and our latest collection of special effects is included in the Prizmo Pocket. When in scene mode, users can cycle between 20 effects and adjust the brightness value to the desired level. 

These effects include: two lightning options, tv screen, police, ambulance, fire truck, two color chase speeds, SOS, candlelight, fireworks, party, paparazzi, faulty bulb, breathing, fluorescent light, sunrise, bomb, emergency light, and fast flash. 


Photo and Video

The Prizmo Pocket is a high-quality LED light and users will quickly recognize this when handling the panel. It does not shy away from this notion when in use, its performance on set is a reflection of its build quality. When it comes to photo work, the Prizmo Pocket can be used on location as a key or fill light. It’s compact design allows it to be used practically  everywhere in a more versatile and discrete form factor than our smallest professional LED light. The Prizmo Pocket is also great for adding color to your shot and that is where it excels for video/filmmaking. 

With up to 16 million color combinations, an easy to use color mode, and special effect selections, the Prizmo Pocket can easily set the mood in your scene. In this demo, Sean uses it to create an ominous atmosphere by adding blue.

Content Creation

The Prizmo Pocket offers multiple professional, high quality features at an affordable price. Our light can be picked up by any content creator wanting to invest in the quality of their videos. With one light, creators can create studio grade lighting wherever they go.


The Prizmo Pocket can be used for a variety of tabletop applications. The main benefit of using the panel is its compact size and ability to stay cool since it is an LED. Whether you’re shooting for fun or creating a commercial, the Prizmo Pocket is great for lighting those closeup shots. As seen here, it is used to light a small diorama or figurine. 


Light painting is a simple yet captivating technique that everyone should try. With the Prizmo Pocket, light paintings can easily be created with plenty of room to experiment.


Beyond photo and video, the Prizmo Pocket can be used like a flashlight or area lamp. Take it camping to keep the nights safe or to up your fire pit cooking photos for the socials. 

Many contractors from various fields have used our light from construction to mechanical work from hairstylist to producers. Prizmo Pocket has vast potential and accessibility beyond the photo and video world. 

We hope that this overview gives you a solid understanding of our Prizmo Pocket. Make it part of your kit today! Happy shooting.

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