PopSpot 50 v.2 The Second Generation of the Popular PopSpot LED Light

February 5, 2021
PopSpot 50 v.2 The Second Generation of the Popular PopSpot LED Light

Here we go again with our PopSpot LED lights! The first generation of PopSpots were a hit among the video community as they offered a powerful lighting option in one of the smallest and lightest packages at the time.These PopSpot models were known as our J-500 and videographers loved them for their portability factor. They were the size of a soda can (hence the name) and could be battery operated. We discontinued the J-500 to introduce the PopSpot Ultra which was a much powerful version of the J-500 and meant to tackle studio use and more. Both versions of the PopSpots came standard with a fresnel-style lens that would spot or flood the light. However, the J-500 was missed because of its size as the PopSpot Ultra did enter the medium-size light range.  - Enter the new PopSpot 50 v.2!

The PopSpot v.2 is a new and improved version of the original while featuring the latest in LED technology as seen from the PopSpot Ultra. The new PopSpot v.2 now features a dedicated fresnel attachment that can be removed, rather than being built in. This allows users to harness the full power of the COB (chip on board) LED. This LED chip is daylight-balanced (5600K, ±300K) while offering a CRI and TLCI of ≥95. At one meter, the chip has an illuminance rating of 2,227 lux which is on par with the PopSpot Ultra 50 and blows the J-500’s potential out of the water. The life of the chip has a rating of 50,000 working hours with less than two percent illumination decay over 6,000 working hours.

In its simplest form, the PopSpot v.2 can be used with just the bare LED chip with a 120° beam angle. The light can then be modified with the included reflector, which is designed to amplify the light output to about 9,714 lux at one meter and narrow the beam angle to 50°. The optional “zoom lens”, or fresnel-style optic, kicks it up a notch by modifying the light beam from 23° to 66°. When using this attachment, its narrowest beam angle emits 4,590 lux at one meter and 16,511 lux at its widest. Another feature of this attachment is that the PopSpot v.2 can accept light modifiers featuring the Protofo mount on the fresnel-style optic when the barndoor attachment is removed.

The PopSpot v.2 has been kept compact while retaining the same metal construction as the PopSpot Ultra. The housing is made from aluminum which enhances heat dissipation to keep your light from overheating. The base of the PopSpot v.2 has a dovetail similar to the arca-swiss mount that also takes standard ¼ “-20 and ⅜”-16 mounting hardware. The included L-type bracket quickly mounts to the dovetail and features a V-mount lock for mounting the various external power source options.

The PopSpot v.2 is powered through the included 100-240V power supply and can be battery-operated (13-17V) with a D-tap adapter cable. This adapter cable allows V-mount batteries or our own NP-F battery cradle to power the light. With our NP-F battery cradle and two NP-F750 batteries, the PopSpot v.2 can run for 70 minutes at full power.

TThe PopSpot v.2 is easy to operate using the control interface display found on the back of the light. A power switch and multifunction dial control the main properties of the light. The dial controls the brightness which can be dimmed from 0-100% while being flicker-free at all ranges. The dial also allows access to the special effects mode which emulates various real-world lighting effects. Eleven options are built-in: lightning, fireworks, flash, breath, police car, SOS, faulty flickering light (for those spooky tones), turn signal, tracing, screen mode, and high/low beam. The PopSpot v.2 also comes with a remote that controls all of these functions.

The PopSpot v.2 is sold in two configurations both of which are based on the need and level of experience. The “Basic Light Kit

includes the PopSpot v.2 50 light with its protective cover, custom designed reflector, L-type bracket, remote control, and AC power supply all bundled in a premium carrying case. The basic kit is an entry level option made for users who are looking to light various subjects while adapting their style as they go. It's a simple plug-and-play option that can later be modulated to fit the users’ needs. This kit also makes a great addition to existing lighting setups and will not take up much space thanks to its size. 

However, for those advanced users, the “Deluxe Light Kit'' offers the zoom lens, barndoors, our latest NP-F battery cradle, and two NP-F750 batteries. The included accessories allow the user to operate the PopSpot v.2 via battery while being able to modify the light. The zoom lens also acts as a Profoto mount which allows use with a wide range of light modifiers. This kit can act as a key light or support other lights on set.

The PopSpot v.2 is great for users who are on the go and need to take the studio on location. This is due to its compact size, battery power options, and the included remote control. In our most recent shoot, we utilized the PopSpot v.2 along with the zoom lens to create a spotlight over our talent. This added a stylistic effect to the scene being shot in the music video. The PopSpot v.2 was used as a key light for all close up scenes and as a fill for our wide shots.

On a different shooting day, we paired the PopSpot v.2 with our EZ-Pro dlx softbox to create heashots.In an environment where space was limited this compact setup overcame the issues of more traditional, larger lights.

The return of the PopSpot v.2 demonstrates that we take our customer feedback seriously and improve where we can for the community we support. We brought back the popular PopSpot with more power packed into a solid, compact housing while retaining its entry level price. This comes at no cost to the build quality as we have ensured one's investment in our products are secured. This is also backed by our manufacturer's warranty and our dedicated tech support. We cannot wait to see what the users of the PopSpot v.2 will create and where they take the light. Happy shooting everyone. #PopSpot

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