FACTOR Radius Lights are In-stock & Ready to Ship

June 12, 2018
FACTOR Radius Lights are In-stock & Ready to Ship
FACTOR Radius1 In-action on-location
FACTOR Radius lights are an industry first with a wide 180° beam angle, designed for faster setups with fewer lights. The breakthrough curved shape creates an ultra-wide 180° beam angle which spreads the light wider than ever before. FACTOR Radius lights are ideal for green screen work, rapid-fire setups, immersive VR capture, multi-cam setups, wide-angle shots and more.

Ideal for Green Screen Setups

The 180° beam angle of FACTOR Radius lights creates an even wash from floor to ceiling and head-to-toe. Utilizing a DMX controller will allow you to adjust color temperature and brightness without climbing ladders or moving the units after they are in the ideal configuration.
As part of our FACTOR family the Radius lights use FACTORSOFT™ technology to create beautiful and powerful soft light with a CRI ≥96. The PWM integrated circuit makes them flicker-free and suitable for high frame rate slow motion video. Our FACTOR Radius lights feature integrated V-lock battery mounts and DMX control. The bi-color and dimmable design makes Radius lights a versatile solution in-studio or on the go. 
FACTOR Radius lights have a solid aluminum frame for durability and heat dissipation along with a heavy-duty all metal yoke and ball head to allow you to mount on stands or hang in any suitable location.

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