Selfie Starlite Stix TT Our Tabletop Vlog Light

October 15, 2021
Selfie Starlite Stix TT Our Tabletop Vlog Light


We live in a time where video streaming is thriving. Services such as Twitch and Zoom have dominated the digital space in the last two years. Whether you take meetings or present remotely, stream, or vlog, you definitely find yourself in need of lighting!

Our Selfie Starlite Stix TT tabletop vlog light makes lighting easy. This compact unit is designed to wrap around your setup and offers soft, bright light with brightness and color temperature adjustments. The Selfie Starlite Stix Tabletop vlog light sits at the center of your setup using a weighted base. The light panels extend from the base using heavy-duty gooseneck arms that can be adjusted to any angle desired. It also includes a gooseneck with a phone clamp for phone video purposes. 


Phone video purposes? Of course, it's great for taking a Zoom call on your phone while having the most flattering lighting available. Or maybe for creating hot takes for your social media (we’re looking at you, TikTok creators 👀).


The Selfie Starlite Stix TT is flicker-free with a dimmable range of 0-100% that can be adjusted using the dial on the base of the light. The output at one meter is 4,800Lux which is just as bright as many of our professional on-camera broadcasting lights. In other words, it's really lightweight and it's brighter than your ceiling light or the light coming from your window. 

The same button used to control the brightness can be pressed to access the color temperature range. This can be adjusted from 3000K to 6500K to match the lighting in your vicinity. This range will allow matching of a wide variety of light sources, such as warmer tungsten light (3200K) or cooler daylight (5600K). It is common practice to use the daylight setting for video. 


The Selfie Starlite Stix TT vlog light runs on AC power with the included power supply but is also compatible with two Sony NP-F style batteries of any size (batteries not included). If you don’t already own a set, NP-F series batteries are very common these days and affordable options are available from many manufacturers. With this in mind, the Selfie Starlite Stix can be used on the go. 


And speaking of taking it on the go, the Selfie Starlite Stix TT comes bundled in a padded carrying case for easy transport and storage. The Selfie Starlite Stix TT comes in three sizes that reference the overall spread of the gooseneck arms: 95cm, 110cm, and 125cm. We picked these three sizes based on the most common computer monitors on the market so that you can find the right size for your setup.

Our Selfie Starlite lineup does not end with the Stix TT tabletop vlog light, it also includes the original Selfie Starlite Stix and three different ring light options.


Selfie Starlite Vlog Light [🍩weblink]

The first addition to our Selfie Starlite lineup, this 18-inch bi-color ring light comes in a padded case and includes a mirror, gooseneck phone clamp, and AC power cord. This version supports AC power only.

Selfie Starlite Prizmo Edition Vlog Light [🌈weblink]

This ring light is our RGB version with a 360° full-color gamut and pre-programmed special effects modes. The Prizmo Edition comes in a padded case with a gooseneck phone clamp, AC power supply, and wireless remote control. The Selfie Starlite Prizmo Edition supports operation on battery power with NP-F series batteries (not included).

Selfie Starlight Mini Vlog Light [🦐weblink]

The Mini is a 12-inch diameter bi-color ring light that includes a tabletop tripod, ballhead phone clamp, and AC power supply in a carrying case. The Mini can also be operated on battery power with one NP-F series battery (not included).

Selfie Starlite Stix Vlog Light [🥢weblink]

The Selfie Starlite Stix has all of the same features as the Stix TT, excluding the weighted base for tabletop use. Featuring adjustable arms with a 60cm spread it’s great for vlogging, makeup or small product photography. The Stix comes with a gooseneck phone clamp, AC power supply, wireless remote control, and light stand all in a custom padded case. The Selfie Starlite Stix TT can also be powered by NP-F series batteries (not included) making it a great on-the-go solution.




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