The Streamer Awards Were Cool And So Is Our Lighting

March 18, 2022
The Streamer Awards Were Cool And So Is Our Lighting

Honestly, The Streamer Awards was an awesome event to watch. As a person who has a parasocial relationship with a Twitch streamer, it was great to see the streaming community pull off this epic event. This event was founded by Twitch streamer QTCinderella who managed to get over 300 streamers to shower and dress up. That alone is impressive…Seriously. It is.

The award show was funny, awkward, and at times a tear-jerker. For being its first year, it was chaotic in the greatest way possible. A very wholesome experience if live streamers have been your go-to for entertainment through these rough times.

The pandemic may have halted things, but it brought massive growth in the content creation space bringing many new faces into prominence. It also solidified the live streaming careers for many people. This large event, without a doubt, will grow the community, and hopefully, it has inspired many to give it a try.

Being a live streamer is hard work and it's real work. There are a lot of key factors that go into running a stream with lighting being one of them. Whether you want to get started in live streaming or need to upgrade your current setup, we have a wide range of lighting solutions for you. They are radically cool... seriously.

Starter Lights - Compact And Powerful

Our starter lights include compact LED panels that have a high output. These are great options for anyone on a budget.

The LED-98A is a daylight-balanced bare-bulb LED panel that runs a rechargeable Sony NP-F style battery. It includes two magnetic filters, tungsten and diffusion, as well as a cold shoe ballhead for mounting it onto a camera.

The LED-209AS is a bi-color LED panel that offers a color temperature range of 3200K (warm) to 5600K (cool). It includes a magnetic diffusion filter, a cold shoe ballhead, and runs on a rechargeable Sony NP-F battery.

This is a similar unit to the 209AS but includes more LED builds and a removable barndoor attachment. This is a versatile light that can be used for live streaming and other content creation.

Prizmo Pocket
The Prizmo Pocket is a low-profile RGBW+T LED light packed with features. With four modes to choose from, the Prizmo Pocket is a powerful and soft light source that can quickly be used to add color or special effects to your scene.

Radius Pico + Mini
The Radius Pico and Mini are curved LED panels with a 180° beam angle. These bright LED panels are great for lighting large spaces thanks to their widespread. The Pico is the most compact version of our Radius lights while the Mini packs more power while maintaining a small form factor.

Audience Boosters - Affordable High-Quality Lights Made For Streamers

Our Selfie Starlite ring lights are a great choice for live streamers since they are easy to use and cost less than other professional-grade lighting options. Our ring lights offer soft, even lighting without any need to attach diffusers or other panels. They are also lightweight and compact!

We offer three versions of our ring lights which include a 12-inch phone-oriented version, an 18-inch bi-color, and an 18-inch RGB version.

We also recommend our Selfie Starlite Stix which are defined by their unique design that features two slim panels mounted on heavy-duty, flexible arms. The panels include built-in diffusion and can be positioned at various angles. We have a light stand version and a tabletop version that wraps around monitors.

At this time we offer a live streamer kit that pairs one of our Selfie Starlite models with a blue/green screen portable background kit. This background quickly collapses to a quarter of its size and includes a background support stand. This bundle is perfect for cutting your background out in streaming software such as OBS. Click here for more information!

Studio Lights - Versatile Kits For Multiple Setups

If you are at the level where maintaining your personal brand is a priority then look no further than to our professional-grade studio lights. These LED panels are high-intensity and offer a premium, compact build. They are compact and include a heavy-duty travel case. All of these options offer soft, diffused light and produce an always flattering look on camera.

FlapJack C-700
The FlapJack C-700 is an award-winning LED panel known for its ultra-thin profile and circular form factor. Its shape helps create circular catchlights in the eyes and provides even coverage on your subject. The FlapJack C-700 brightness can be adjusted from 10-100% (flicker-free) and has a color temperature range of 3200-5600K. This panel can be battery powered with the included Sony NP-F style batteries and also run on AC power with the included power supply.



SkyFiller Bi-Color 2 + 3 Light Kits
The SkyFiller is a series of high-powered, thin LED panels. The purpose of this design is to create a lightweight panel that can still produce high-intensity light. It can be adjusted to your desired position thanks to the magic arm mounting system. The SkyFiller bi-color panels come in a 1x2’ and 1x1’ form factor and also include premium light stands.



Our Prizmo Go and Prizmo Jupiter are compact, production-level LED panels. Both models are high-output and feature four lighting modes for white light adjustments, creating color, and special effects. These lights are also DMX-512 compatible and can be battery powered using a v-mount battery (not included). The Prizmo Go has a traditional rectangle form factor and comes standard with a barndoor attachment for adjusting the beam angle. The Prizmo Jupiter, on the other hand, uses a circular form factor.


Mini Productions - Lights, Camera, Action!

These options are catered for anyone who needs the brightest lights we got. These lights are battery power ready and use the industry standard v-mount battery (not included). A premium travel case is included with the light, making storing and transporting them hassle free. They are also DMX ready if you're into that.

Warrior 300 + 600
Distinguished by their cubical shape, the Warrior 300 and 600 are both powerhouse lights. Both units are brighter than any of our panels and include a Bowens mount. This allows you to easily shape the light with various light modifiers such as softboxes, lanterns, and more.

Our Factor bi-color series are all-metal LED panels designed for large production sets. Despite their size, they are easy to transport and setup. Our Factor LED panels come in various sizes and shapes as well as attachments such as grids and barndoors.



Factor Prizmo
Much like our Factor bi-color, the Factor Prizmo shares the same premium features and power. However, the Factor Prizmo are RGB lights and include the same awesome lighting modes we’ve described previously on our other RGB lights. The Factor Prizmo are available in a 1x2 rectangular and a 1x1 square style. They also feature a barndoor, grid, and softbox attachment for light shaping and a remote!

Factor Radius
We mentioned the Radius Pico and Mini at the beginning of our list and how they are a wide-angle light. Well, get ready for the Factor Radius, the supercharged version! The Factor Radius packs a punch like our Factor panels but of course, have the advantage of covering a larger area than traditional lights. These are great for lighting a large group or a full body.



We hope to see the awards show make a comeback in 2023! Like all great things, they have to start somewhere and its not always going to be pretty. But with dedication comes great things. Think of the first Stream Awards as the early days of your favorite big streamer. They didn't give up, they kept pushing through with all the ups and downs defining who they are today. You did great QTCinderella and Team!

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