The Brand New GL69 Lens Adapters

November 4, 2022
The Brand New GL69 Lens Adapters

It was in the late 1960’s when Fujifilm released its prototype medium format interchangeable lens rangefinder camera. Imagine the Fujifilm representatives at Photokina 1968 found that camera description to be quite the mouthful having to repeat that over and over to the masses!

The camera was designed in response to commercial photographers in the tourism sector needing a camera that had the operational suave of a 35mm rangefinder with of course being compatible with 120 film.

The first production model was known as the Fujica G690 which used the 6x9 frame size, a similar aspect ratio as 35mm film. This frame size paired with Fujinon glass meant that commercial photographers could offer higher image quality on prints and work more efficiently.


The Fujica G690 and the lenses the system left behind might entice the average film shooter these days but even without the body, the lenses are still worthy workhorses. That is why we are the first to commercially offer a lens adapter for the Fujica GL69 bayonet to various mirrorless cameras. This professional grade, all-metal adapter is available for:

Canon RF-mount
Fujifilm X-mount
Fujifilm GFX G-mount
L-mount Alliance Cameras
Nikon Z-mount
Sony E-mount

Like many medium format lenses, the GL69 lenses used a leaf shutter which would be cocked via mechanisms within the camera. However, our adapter has a built-in cocking ring that keeps the shutter in the lens open. It’s a simple process that only requires the lens shutter speed to be set to ‘B’ (Bulb). With our adapter, you have access to the following lenses:

Fujinon 50mm f5.6
Fujinon SWS 65mm f8
Fujinon 65mm f5.6
Fujinon S 100mm f3.5
Fujinon EBC AE 100mm f3.5
Fujinon TS 150mm f5.6

Medium format lenses like these will excel on mounts such as the Fujifilm GFX G-mount, a platform that is still continuing to grow its lens selection. It's interesting to see a legacy mount like the GL69 being given a chance to be used on a breakthrough camera like the GFX.


Although these can be large focal length equivalents, medium format glass has found its place in the filmmaking space. Normally you hear about Mamiya 645, Pentax 645, and even Hasselblad lenses being used in this way. We believe our GL69 adapter can offer another high quality alternative. Checkout the full collection here.

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