The DaoLite - A Profressional Grade Wand Light

May 4, 2021
The DaoLite - A Profressional Grade Wand Light

Wand-style LED lights have gained popularity in recent years due to their creative and technical properties. These types of lights have been used to add light paintings to a wide range of subjects including scenic and portrait photographs. These wand lights are quite versatile as they can be used as a key or accent light. Whether it is to light your model or add a bit of mood to your scene, the slim profile makes them easy to place virtually anywhere.

Professional photographers and filmmakers see the potential in a wand-style light. The market currently offers straightforward wand lights and in some cases highly specialized versions. But where are the wand lights for the pros? That’s where our DaoLite comes in!


DaoLite - A Tubular LED Wand Light


The DaoLite is a wand light designed for professional use and offers many of the popular features found on our other pro-grade LED lights. The DaoLite is a three-foot tube with a control interface at the base of the light that serves as the handle, power source, and mounting point.

The handle and frame are constructed from aircraft-grade aluminum to keep the LEDs from overheating. The LED portion of the DaoLite is housed in a 23-inch translucent polycarbonate tube that helps produce soft light from the source. This also gives the DaoLite a beam angle of 360° which is not seen in other wand light models made for content creation.


Two Models


The DaoLite is available in two models. The DaoLite (DL-2) is our bi-color version that has a color temperature range of 2800K to 6500K. The DL-2 at 2800K offers approximately 280 lux at one meter and about 360 lux at 6500K (100% power). Our second model is the DaoLite: Prizmo Edition (DLC-2) which adds color to the mix. The DLC-2 features a complete RGBW+T gamut with hue and saturation control. At 2800K, the DLC-2 produces 240 lux at one meter and 320 lux at 6500K. Both models have LED chips with a CRI of 96 and a TLCI of 95. Furthermore, the lights are dimmable from 10-100% and are flicker-free at all ranges.


AC and DC - Choose Your Power Source


The DaoLite itself is sold in two kit configurations: AC and DC power. The AC power kit comes standard with a power supply and a 4-pin XLR cable that connects to the base of the handle. The DC power kit will include a battery that connects and extends the base. This battery extends the handle, making it look like a lightsaber! With DC power, both models can run for 70 minutes at 100% power.


The Interface - Straight to the Point


The control interface for both models is located at the handle and designed with simplicity in mind. The DaoLite DL-2 has four buttons that control all the functions of the light. The power, function, decrease, and increase buttons are located below its LCD display screen. The mode button toggles between brightness and color temperature. The special effect menu can be accessed by holding the mode button for three seconds. These special effects emulate real-world lighting scenarios and include lightning, fireworks, storm, gradient, and strobe effects.

As for the DLC-2, a power, a function, and two toggle buttons are found below the display. The function button allows access to four menus: CCT, HSI, RGBWT, and FX mode. In CCT, color temperature can be adjusted along with brightness. Color can be used when in the HSI and RGBWT menus with special effects available in the FX menu. The DLC-2 is firmware upgradeable with the firmware available for download on our website as new versions are released.

Wait… HSI and RGBWT? The HSI menu is a 360° color wheel that allows users to dial in a color based on hue, saturation, and intensity. In RGBWT, users enter a custom mixing mode to create their desired color based on the red, green, blue, white, and tungsten properties of the LED chip.


Mounting Points


The DaoLite can definitely be used handheld, but we include an all-metal ball head for good measure. The DaoLite comes standard with a 1/4”-20 screw hole on the side of the handle - with a second mounting point at the base of the battery. This allows the ball head to be attached and makes the DaoLite compatible with most light stands or tripod mounts.


On The Field

What makes the DaoLite special is its tubular shape and 360° beam angle. Any photographer can recognize its potential. It emulates a softbox by providing soft and feathered light which is great for headshots or portraits. Did we mention the catchlights?



Its compact design allows it to be set up virtually anywhere and it can be positioned very close to the subject. This is not limited to photographers, filmmakers can cash in on creating a quick and high-quality set.



When battery operated, it can be used on location without having to worry about cables and outlets. The battery life allows users enough time to capture what they need. In some cases, a light stand will not be necessary as it can be held with one hand.

Shooting an ad? A commercial? For close-up shots, the DaoLite once again provides a compact setup. The quality of the light also does away with a softbox or flash unit. At most, users will need a reflector panel to add fill where needed.



In some situations, you may need more directional control. The DaoLite can be fitted with an optional barndoor attachment that snaps right onto the light.



And lastly, light painting is a bonus with the DaoLite. It is a wand after all and light paintings have a place in professional photography. It can easily be used to create dramatic and creative portraits. With the DLC-2 you can even mimic a lightsaber!

Final Thoughts

The DaoLite is a complete kit and comes with everything a user needs to get started. It is the professional’s choice when it comes to wand lights. Its potential is there and it makes a great addition to any filmmaker or photographer’s lighting kit. Its unique shape offers soft, feathered lighting ideal for most shooting scenarios. The compact design allows it to be taken and placed virtually anywhere - especially when battery operated. We highly recommend the DaoLite for those looking to quickly and easily add pop to their scene.


To view our DaoLites click the link here.

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