Ghosts of Valentine's Past

February 13, 2020
Ghosts of Valentine's Past

Over the years, we've put out plenty of tutorials and DIYs for photographers and videographers to get creative using some of our products.

Tilt/Shift Portraiture using our Fotodiox TLT ROKR Adapters

In this video, we use the tilt function on our TLT ROKR adapters to achieve selective focus so we can draw attention to specific parts of the image.

Since the video was originally posted, the TLT ROKR family has grown to include the following mounts:

Using our ColorFlare Adapters to Introduce Artificial Light Leaks

Available for the Sony E-mount and Micro Four-Thirds mount, our ColorFlare line of adapters are constructed translucent material to allow light to spill into the image. When light comes in at certain angles, it can emulate flare. Additionally, using the included colored rings, you can add splashes of colors to your images.

Taking Macro Images of Small, Precious Memorabilia

While the video below focuses on our macro extension tubes, we have many other options for macro that will let you use the lenses and cameras you already have for macro. 

We also highlight the now-discontinued C-200R Flapjack in the video, which has been replaced by the bi-color C-200RS

While not mentioned in the video, ring lights are also good options for macro, since the light comes from the same plane as the lens helping reduce shadows. The LED-48a is a great starter option, given how compatible it is, thanks to the included threaded adapters. For a more powerful light that brings a higher-grade build quality to the table[top], the Flapjack C-318RLS offers more power. It has a few mounting options, but to mount it to your camera set-up, you'd need some sort of rig or cage with 15mm rods. 

Different Ways to Get a Diffused, Dreamy Look

This video really only features our diffusion filters that can be purchased in our filter kits. The other methods we use involve other items you may (or may not) have in your home.

Custom, Heart-Shaped Bokeh

With bokeh being used as the umbrella-term for anything in an image that's not in focus, this DIY tutorial shows how circular out-of-focus highlights in the background can be shaped like hearts instead. 

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