The Perfect Gift for Your Live Streamer or Content Creator

December 3, 2021
The Perfect Gift for Your Live Streamer or Content Creator

Streaming on platforms such as Twitch has gotten popular and it has never been easier to do. There are many helpful resources online that can help you get started and this is one of them. This holiday season, we are offering the best deal in lighting for beginners or anyone looking to boost their production value.

That's right, the best deal. 

Our Selfie Starlite vlog lights have been the go-to for many content creators because of their ease of use and affordable price point - plus our two year warranty and dedicated tech support. 🤓

This holiday season, give someone or yourself one of our various Selfie Starlite Gift Packs! This holiday bundle pairs one of our FIVE Selfie Starlite LED lights with one of THREE blue/green collapsible background kits. 

Okay here is why you or someone you love, appreciate, or cherish would need this kit:

Our Selfie Starlite LED lights offer soft light from the source and can be positioned anywhere you would like. It totally beats using the ceiling light in a room and offers more control over your stream. They are also LED which means they do not get as hot as other lighting sources! This also keeps our lights compact, taking up less space in your setups.

With the blue/green background, you can put yourself over your stream whether you are gaming or DJing on Twitch. This is easily done through your preferred streaming software such as OBS. The same can be done if you are creating content for YouTube or TikTok videos; this technique is not exclusive to streaming. 

In this guide, we’ll break down our five Selfie Starlites and our blue/green collapsible backgrounds kit sizes.

Selfie Starlite LED Ring Lights - The Beauty Lights

Ring lights are a great choice for beginners since they are easy to use and cost less than other professional-grade lighting options. Our ring lights offer soft, even lighting from the source - no need to attach diffusers or other panels. They are also lightweight and compact! Here are the three versions we offer:

Selfie Starlite Bi-Color Ring Light

Our most popular is the 18 inch bi-color ring light that includes a beauty mirror and articulating phone clamp, all packaged in a premium travel case. This easy-to-use light only has two dials that control color temperature and brightness. The color temperature can be adjusted from 3200-5600K (or warm to cool white), and has a 10-100% dimmable range. This ring light is AC power only and a great fit for spaces of all sizes. It also mounts to any standard light stand laying around and can articulate 180°. 

The Selfie Starlite features an industry-standard 1/4”-20 screw port centered above the control dials and a cold shoe slot. This leaves plenty of room to mount the included beauty mirror with the phone clamp or a camera and microphone. Using the ring light in this fashion gives you the iconic ring catchlight and also the most favorable look... yaasssss. Overall, this is the most versatile, user-friendly option.

Selfie Starlite Prizmo Edition Ring Light

For those looking to add color, we offer a Prizmo Edition with a 360° color range! This version of our Selfie Starlite Ring Light allows you to change the color temperature range, choose a color from a 360° color wheel, mix your own color, and create presets. The Prizmo Edition is still 18 inches and uses the same mounting base as the bi-color version. It is also AC powered but if you want battery power, the Prizmo Edition is Sony NP-F compatible (batteries not included).

The Prizmo Edition comes with everything you need to power the light, an articulating phone clamp, and a remote control all bundled in a premium travel case. The Prizmo Edition also has two cold shoe mounts and a 1/4”-20 screw port at the center.

Selfie Starlite Mini Ring Light

For phone heavy streaming or content creation, such as TikTok or SnapChat, we have a 12-inch size called the Selfie Starlite Mini. This is a tabletop version of our classic Selfie Starlite which includes a beauty mirror, phone clamp, ballhead, and table top tripod all bundled in a travel case. The Selfie Starlite Mini is also compatible with a Sony NP-F style battery (batteries not included) meaning you can have high quality lighting no matter where you stream!

Selfie Starlite Stix LED Lights - When You Need Something More Flexible

The Selfie Starlite Stix are defined by their unique design which features two slim panels mounted on heavy-duty, flexible arms. The panels include built-in diffusion and can be positioned in various angles. This ultra bright light is available in two editions, both of which are bi-color (3000-6500K) and have a 0-100% dimmable range.

Selfie Starlite Stix Vlog Light

The Selfie Starlite Stix Vlog light is a complete vlogging kit that instantly gives any content creation a production quality boost. It includes a phone clamp that uses the same heavy-duty gooseneck arm as the LED panels. It also includes two 1/4”-20 screw ports that allow you to attach a wide range of photo/video accessories such as the phone clamp. The light is AC power but is Sony NP-F battery compatible, but keep in mind batteries are not included. The light also has a USB port for powering your phone, camera, or whatever accessory you mount onto the light. This Selfie Starlite Stix also comes with a remote and a 6ft light stand packed in a premium travel case. 

If you are someone who streams their arts and crafts this is a good option for positioning your lighting just where it needs to be. This is also a very popular choice among makeup and tattoo artists who use the Stix as a work light. Overall, if it's something that requires being hands-on, this is the light for you.

Selfie Starlite Stix TT Tabletop Vlog Light

Much like the Selfie Starlite Stix, the Stix TT version is exclusively made for desktops and rather than featuring a light stand bracket, the Stix TT includes a weighted base. This allows it to be securely positioned behind a monitor. There are three sizes to choose from, each accommodating for your setup. Whether you’re streaming on single or multi-monitor setup, we offer the Stix TT in a 95cm, 110cm, and 125cm width.

The Selfie Starlite Stix TT is AC-powered and is also Sony NP-F battery compatible. It includes a gooseneck phone clamp and retains the same USB and 1/4”-20 screw ports as the original Selfie Starlite Stix.

Blue/Green Collapsible Background Kit

We are well known for our collapsible blue/green backgrounds that fold down to a quarter of their size due to a foldable frame structure. These premium backgrounds make green screen work accessible to anyone without having to worry about space. The kit includes a heavy-duty background holder stand that helps position the background exactly where you need it.

With our Selfie Starlite Gift Pack you have the option of pairing any of our five Selfie Starlite LED lights with a 40x60in, 48x72in or 5x7ft blue/green collapsible background kit.

That’s A Wrap

No matter which option you select, if this bundle is for you or someone else, it's a great addition to your content creator journey. Having good lighting boosts your production quality and is one of many elements needed to grow your following. These bundles are great for anyone who is starting off or looking to upgrade their current setup. Like most things these days, it's very plug-and-play so you can spend more time creating and less time worrying. Which option is right for you? Give us a shoutout if our Selfie Starlite Gift Pack ends up on your stream! 

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