The Prizmo Stick 512 - Our Most Compact Tube Light

October 19, 2022
The Prizmo Stick 512 - Our Most Compact Tube Light

The Prizmo Stick 512 RGBW+T tube light is the latest addition to our portable, handheld lighting selection. This 20in wand light is packed with the industry’s most sought after LED lighting features, a rechargeable internal battery, 150-minute run time at 100% power, and can be app-controlled from your smartphone.


Portable handheld lights are extremely useful and some of the most versatile pieces of equipment in any lighting kit. The Prizmo Stick 512’s cylindrical shape allows us to use more LED chips, a whole 234 of them, while maintaining its compact form factor. Two columns of bicolor chips and one RGB column line the board of the Prizmo Stick and are diffused by a 180° frosted polycarbonate shell. With this many LED chips, the Prizmo Stick is bright enough to be used as a small keylight.


The Prizmo Stick 512 can be used almost anywhere since it is powered by a rechargeable lithium ion battery. The run time for the battery is around two and a half hours at full power. A USB-C charging cable is included and the Prizmo Stick is compatible with Quick Charge 3.0. When used with a 5V 1.2A charger, the light will fully charge in 3.5 hours.


Using the Prizmo Stick 512 is simple, so you focus more on getting your shot rather than navigating through settings. There are only six menu options available on the Prizmo Stick 512 with real time adjustments displayed on an OLED screen:

  • CCT - Bi-color mode that allows you to adjust color temperature from 2700K-6500K and brightness from 0-100%
  • HSI - Hue / Saturation / Intensity mode that allows you to adjust the hue from a 0-360° color wheel. Saturation and intensity (brightness) can be controlled form 0-100%.
  • RGB - Controls intensity of individual red, green, and blue channels on the LED chip for custom color mixing from 0-255.
  • SCENE - Allows you to toggle between 26 special effects modes such as lightning, party lights, and more.
  • Addr. Set - Assigns address code to light for pairing with app.
  • Lag. - choose from English or Chinese.

All adjustments are made using the four capacitive touch buttons that only require a finger tap to change settings. Due to the sensitivity of the buttons, there is a lock feature on the power switch that prevents accidental changes to settings. This isn’t the only way to control the light; the Prizmo Stick 512 is compatible with our manufacturing partner’s mobile app. The app allows you to group multiple lights or control the settings of individual units via bluetooth.

The Prizmo Stick 512 also has a standard ¼-20” tripod socket at the base of the light for use with a variety of mounting hardware like our table top tripod, power arms, goosenecks, and more.


The Prizmo Stick 512 can be used in a variety of photo and video applications. It is bright enough to be used as a key light to light your subject whether it's a person or an object. The light emitted from the Prizmo Stick 512 is diffused so there is no need to worry about additional gear.


When we got the Prizmo Stick 512 in our shipment we immediately unboxed it and got to it. We did a quick test shoot inspired by the HBO series Euphoria because of the heavy use of RGB lighting in the show. In this shoot we did a traditional two light setup with one light at half power acting as a fill. Here are the results:


The addition of the Prizmo Stick 512 adds the versatility of a tube light to our handheld lighting selection. This includes models such as the Prizmo Pocket which uses the form factor of a smartphone while being just as bright as the Prizmo Stick 512. The Prizmo Globe is yet another handheld light that is also app controlled. And lastly the Radius W5 Pico 180° curved light is another notable compact light we carry. Be sure to checkout our handheld lighting collection here.

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