More Power. More Light. The Warrior 600 Series Overview

September 24, 2021
More Power. More Light. The Warrior 600 Series Overview

More Power. More Light. The Warrior 600 Series Overview

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The Warrior 600 and 600X easily outcompete traditional lighting seen on set. The Warrior 600 and 600X both utilize a high-intensity COB LED which draws less power and generates less heat than HMI lighting. Modifying the light is made simple with the built-in Bowens mount, allowing access to the most popular light modifier mount in the industry. The Warrior 600 series lights come standard with a travel case and can run on AC or DC power. These lights are also all-metal and firmware upgradeable.

With the addition of the Warrior 600 and 600X, the Warrior series offers an option for commercial film and production use as well as an ultra-bright, self-contained lighting solution for all.  In this overview, we will go over the specs of the Warrior 600 and 600X

A Complete Light Kit

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The Warrior 600 series lights come packed in a premium, custom-fit case with everything one needs to operate the light. The light is stored with a protective cover mounted over the LED chip. Included in the case is a 15° reflector designed to amplify the brightness of the light. The power control box and power accessories are also included. Altogether, each Warrior 600 series kit has a light head that weighs 12.1lbs and a power control box that weighs 8.5lbs, a drastic difference from traditional tungsten and halogen lights. 

Light Source

Both Warrior 600 lights use high-power COB LEDs with a lifespan of up to 50,000 working hours and less than 2% decay over 6000 hours working time.

The Warrior 600 has a daylight-balanced (5600K (±300K)) chip with a CRI/TLCI of ≥96. When at 100% power and unmodified (120° beam angle), the Warrior 600 outputs 21,480 lux at one meter. With the included 15° reflector, that number is ≥300,000 lux at one meter.

The Warrior 600X adds more versatility for every shoot with a bi-color design providing a CCT range of 2700K to 5600K (±300K). The CRI on the Warrior 600X is ≥96 and has a TLCI of ≥95. The unmodified light output on the Warrior 600X is 14,000 lux at one meter and 204,300 lux at one meter with the included 15° reflector. 

Keeping Cool

With that much output, the Warrior 600 series lights do get hot. The heat mainly collects in the front of the light but is dissipated through a heat pipe radiator and an automated cooling fan. The shell of the Warrior 600 series is made from solid aluminum which further enhances the cooling capabilities of the light. These features are implemented to help keep the LED chip and internals safe from damage to ensure a long product life with consistent, accurate output. 


Creating a compact unit is a key design element in our Warrior series. That is why the Warrior 600 series use a ballast that controls all functions of the light. The Warrior 600 features a solid aluminum shell not just for heat dissipation but also for protection against falls and bumps. With the help of the disc brake locking knobs, the Warrior 600 lights can easily mount modifiers up to 60 inches. With its U-type bracket, the light can be adjusted to a user’s desired angle or mounting preference. A handle is placed at a diagonal behind the light to make adjustments with heavy light modifiers easier to manage. This design also prevents fingers from getting caught between the handle and the U-type bracket!

As for the power control box, it has everything needed to operate the light. It features an LCD screen that displays real-time data. All functions can be controlled by the six menu buttons and the multi-function selector knob found next to the display. All of the power and DMX sockets are grouped together on the other side of the power control box. This includes a fuse, the power button, the AC power input, DC output, DMX in/out, DC input (DC36-48V), and a USB port. 

If the power control box is paired with our StandCuff (sold separately), it can be mounted to the light stand holding the light for convenience. 


The Warrior 600 series has a working voltage of AC100-240V and DC36-48V. We of course include the AC power cable but also offer an additional DC input socket. The power control box also features two slots for v-mount batteries. With two Fotodiox 130h v-mount style batteries, both Warrior 600 series lights can run for 30 minutes at 80% power. 


The Warrior 600 and 600X have six menu options that control the light. Since the Warrior 600 is daylight-balanced, it has an ‘intensity’ menu button that adjusts the brightness continuously from 0 to 100%. As for the Warrior 600X, the ‘intensity’ menu button is replaced with a ‘CCT’ menu button which adjusts the brightness and color temperature. Both units have DMX, address setting (for optional remote), FX (special effects), fan, and language menu buttons. The multi-function selector knob is used to select the available options in each menu button while changing the value using the dial. 


This menu button is used to adjust the DMX address range from 1 to 512. 

Address Setting

This allows the Warrior 600 series to be paired to a remote (sold separately).


The special effects mode emulates real-world lighting scenarios and includes lightning, fireworks, flash, breath, cop car, SOS, faulty bulb, turn signal, screen, and alternating beam effects. 


This adjusts the speed of the fan between low, medium, high, and auto. 


Toggles between English and Chinese

Built to Last

The built-in USB port allows the Warrior 600 series lights to receive a firmware upgrade. Whether it's adding more special effects, or fine-tuning its performance. The Warrior 600 series also has various features that prolong the life of the internals including robust heat dissipation technologies. Its all-metal build also ensures that it can survive years of use and travel among sets and locations.


The Warrior 600 series is made to take on a wide range of projects. Its main application is on big sets or large studios. This includes productions for filmmaking, commercials, editorials, broadcasting, and other industry projects. Its price point makes them accessible for indie video teams and smaller content creation teams.


In the still above, a Warrior 600 was used to create the dramatic effect in this scene from a short film. The Warrior 600 was placed 10 feet from the window and powered by two v-mount batteries.

For more information on the Warrior 600 series lights click on the link here.


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