To Adapt or Not To Adapt? Using Sony E-mount and Fujifilm X-mount Lenses on Nikon Z Cameras

March 26, 2021
To Adapt or Not To Adapt? Using Sony E-mount and Fujifilm X-mount Lenses on Nikon Z Cameras

Nikon once said that some of the world’s greatest photographic achievements haven’t been photographs. This was during the peak of their F-mount SLRs with groundbreaking models such as the F3. A reference to their technological advancements of cameras at the time. Fast forward to today and they’re at the early stages of doing this once more with the Z system.

Here at Fotodiox we are well known for offering the largest selection of lens adapters. We have primarily focused on bridging the gap between analog systems and modern-day digital options, but optics have figuratively and literally changed with the introduction of mirrorless cameras. We have recently found ourselves supporting adapters for swapping lenses between these mirrorless systems. A sign of how quickly camera technology has advanced since its inception.

We have two new mounting combinations for the Nikon Z system; lens adapters for Sony E-mount and Fujifilm X-mount lenses for Nikon Z cameras, but there is a catch to these combinations. Given how slim these adapters are, we do not have a whole lot of room to include electronic contacts. Because of this, our adapters do not support any features that require an electronic connection (which could be anything from image stabilization, power zoom, autofocus, in-camera aperture control, and even manual focus in some cases).

That being said, these adapters are ideal to use with manual focus lenses made by third-party manufacturers such as Rokinon, 7Artisans, and Lensbaby - just to name a few. They are also great for adapting accessories and adapters with Sony E or Fujifilm X mounts. So when do you adapt?

Use Lenses You Already Own

You might already own some of these lenses or you might have both a Sony and a Nikon or a Fujifilm and a Nikon. With our adapters, you can get the most out of your gear. Some users will find our latest adapters a great money-saving solution. Rather than selling off some of your Sony or Fujifilm gear when switching over to the Nikon Z system consider saving yourself some money and headaches by adapting them instead.

There Is A Sony E / Fuji X Version Of A Lens Not In The Z Line - More Access (Expand Your Possibilities)

Since Sony and Fujifilm have been making mirrorless cameras longer than Nikon, there are considerably fewer third-party options for the Nikon Z system. It takes time for these companies to make their lens selection available to other mount and sometimes they decide not to. Adapters make it possible to use what is already available rather than wait. The lenses will be manual either way, so adding an adapter will not make much of a difference.

Our latest adapters are also great for getting the right format lens onto your Nikon Z cameras, whether it is full-frame or APS-C. Rokinon, for example, offers 10 manual focus lenses made for Sony full-frame and 14 for Sony’s APS-C line. With Nikon only having two DX lenses at the time of this article, our adapter allows you to adapt 14 different lenses or 9 different focal lengths (8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 16mm, 21mm, 35mm, 50mm, 85, and 300mm) onto your Nikon Z50.

Cinema Lenses

Cinema lenses for the Nikon Z system are scarce. If you take a look at B&H you will see that there are less than 6 cinema lens options available for the Nikon Z mount with Fujifilm having 32 and Sony a hearty 272. Those using their Z6 or Z7 for video can opt into adapting a wider range of cinema lenses or kits using our adapters.

Adapt Accessories: Adapters, Macro Rings, Bellows, And More

Ever heard of double adapting? We can’t seem to stop talking about it. We currently support 22 unique lens adapter options for the Nikon Z system. With the pandemic still impacting global production, we have been slowly trying to increase that number. Just like it will take time for Nikon to expand their lens options, it will take us time to increase our adapter selection. However, with our SNE-NKZ and FX-NKZ adapter, you have access to even more mounts than before. 19 additional mounts can be created when pairing our Sony E and SNE-NKZ adapters.

This also allows double adapting with our specialty adapter families such as the Polar Throttle, ArtFX ColorFlare, DLX Stretch, ND Throttle, or TLT ROKR.

You will also have access to our macro accessories such as extension tubes, reverse rings, bellows, and more (Many of which are not available in the Nikon Z mount at this time). Any accessory with an E-mount or X-mount can be adapted to your Nikon Z camera.

Some Precautions

Due to how slim the adapter is, you will have to be careful not to force the adapter onto a lens or camera if there is significant resistance. This can damage your gear and even cause bodily harm if you aren’t careful (these adapters are sharper than some lenses out there).

Once again, our SNE-NKZ and FX-NKZ adapters are manual adapters and should only be used with manual lenses that lack electronic contacts. Failing to abide by this rule will result in damage to the contacts on your lens.

These adapters are also machined to be as universal as possible. This means the adapter will fit a broader variety of third-party lenses at the cost of the fit varying per lens.

Final Thoughts

Adding a camera with a different system to your collection comes with the age-old question: should I get new lenses for it? If you exclusively use cameras with native lenses, it’s obvious that the answer is yes, but if you are savvy with using lens mount adapters, you know that you do not need a native lens, especially if you already have something that will get the job done.

Ultimately, you have got to do what’s right for you. There is not a right or wrong way to use your gear or build your kit as long as you get the stills or video you envisioned. We are simply happy to offer photographers and videographers possible solutions. We hope you got a better understanding of what these adapters are good for and when to use them. Happy shooting.

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May 24, 2022
Troy Phillips

I have always been into the Nikon dslr system. Then when the Z mount came out I knew Nikon was doing something right again. I wasn’t liking their first mirrorless cameras so I purchased a Sony a7siii in waiting for them to catch up .
I have been adapting the my many old manual focus Nikon F mount lenses over too the Sony for photo and video use .
Now the Nikon Z9 is out i am going to get one of those with that very adaptable Z , large mount. There are so many great manual focus lenses out there to create with yes, “Adapt or be left behind. “

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