Warrior 150

January 24, 2021
Warrior 150

The Warrior 150 is our latest LED light designed for stills and video. This is our first medium- sized, monolight-style LED since the introduction of our 100WB-56 light. And with its release comes the latest in LED technology. Lights of this caliber are meant for the studio and a various lighting applications. Before we dive into those scenarios let's talk about the specs.

The Warrior 150 is a plug and play light that is powered by an AC ballast, but also comes with a 4-pin XLR to D-tap cable for use with a V-mount battery. The operational voltage for AC power is 100-240V while the DC’s operational power is 15-24V.

The Warrior 150 uses a daylight-balanced COB (chip on board) LEDs that  offer a CRI and TLCI of ≥95. The beam angle without a light modifier is 120° and with the included reflector, the beam angle is narrowed down to 50°. When it comes to brightness, the Warrior 150 offers 5,300 lux at one meter unmodified and 16,600 lux at the same distance with the included reflector. While offering plenty of power and being flicker-free at all ranges, the Warrior 150 is a great standalone light for today’s video standards.

When it comes to the physical characteristics of the Warrior 150, longevity is in the details. The housing is made from solid aluminum which protects the internals from daily abuse and overheating. Another barrier that protects the light from overheating is a sensor that monitors the light's temperature and will activate the built-in fan when needed. The COB LEDs have a lifespan of appoximatley 50,000 hours with less than two percent illumination decay per 6,000 work hours.

Thanks to its minimalist design, operating the light is simple. On the rear of the light, you will find the control interface display, along with the power switch and multi-function adjustment knob. Since the light is daylight-balanced, the knob mainly controls the light’s brightness. However, pressing and holding down the knob for three seconds allows users to access the special effects mode which include the following 11 options in order: lightning, fireworks, flash, breath, sirens, SOS, faulty flickering light (for those spooky tones), turn signal, tracing, screen mode, and high/low beam. These effects are typically used in TV/film to emulate various real world lighting effects in a much more compact fashion.

It doesn’t end there; the Warrior 150 can be operated with the included remote control. All operating features and the ability to pair the remote to other lights are available via the remote. This allows users to place the light virtually anywhere while maintaining control of the output at all times.

The Warrior 150 comes standard with the widely-adopted Bowens mount. Users who already have Bowens-mount accessories will find it easy to integrate the light into their setup. We have made that factor easier to think about by offering three kit configurations based on the level of need and those kits are as follows: one-light kit, one-light deluxe kit, and the two-light deluxe kit.

The one-light kit includes the Warrior 150 and its accessories all bundled into a sturdy travel case. This kit is great for anyone wanting to upgrade their current lighting setup and it also makes a good standalone choice if you are just starting off. However, for those new to using lights of this caliber, the one-light deluxe kit might be for you. This kit includes the Warrior 150 and a 26in (65cm) lantern softbox to get you started. Lantern softboxes use their globe-shaped diffusion to evenly fill an area with softlight. This can also be achieved in seconds thanks to the lantern softbox’s quick-to-assemble frame.

Lastly, we have our two-light deluxe kit which offers a complete lighting setup for various applications. This kit configuration comes with two Warrior 150 lights and two 26in (65cm) lantern softboxes. With this kit a user is able to light most setups that range from vlogging to shooting a commercial or film.

With the ability to use light modifiers, the Fotodiox EZ-Pro DLX Softbox is the next modifier to consider for users who want more light control.. This softbox bears the EZ-Pro name because of its quick-assemble frame. However, the DLX variant offers a rounder frame for circular catchlights, even falloff, and a more gentle wraparound effect. The EZ-Pro DLX softbox line includes three sizes: 28in, 36in, and 48in. Further light control can be achieved with optional grid attachments.

Ultimately, we strive to create lights that are versatile and interchangeable among setups. Use the Warrior 150 for your next documentary or interview. As a keylight, it can be used indoors or outdoors with a user's preferred light modifiers. In this scenario, the Warrior 150 is used as a fill light in the shade of a sunny day. The available light from the sun acts as the keylight whereas the Warrior 150 provides fill, maximized by the included reflector and diffused by a Fotodiox Sun Scrim (Please Note: the Warrior 150 is not waterproof. If you are outside please keep it dry).

Image courtesy of our Creative Partner @micahlwyckoff.

Since the Warrior 150 can be battery operated, creating headshots for a model can be done anywhere on location and into the studio. The compact size of the Warrior 150 complete with its travel case makes it easy to carry around.

A music video can be easily shot using the two-light deluxe kit and various light modifiers to achieve various stylized scenes. The lights can be placed anywhere and controlled via remote which maximizes shooting time.

Final Thoughts

The Warrior 150 offers flexibility in a portable, durable package at an affordable price. Having the option to use either AC or DC power lets it be an excellent tool in both the studio and on location. Additionally, the integrated Bowens mount makes the light compatible with all of our Bowens-compatible light modifiers. With so many ways to use the Warrior 150, you are only limited by your own creativity.

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