Fotodiox Studio Sponsorship Overview

Overview: Fotodiox is a local photo and video equipment manufacturer with a wide selection of professional LED lighting solutions. Fotodiox is looking to sponsor a photo studio in the Chicago area. We will supply you with lighting and light modifiers as well as access to products from our entire catalog. In exchange, you will allow us to utilize your space as a place to do marketing content and host events. Through this sponsorship, we want to grow each other's brands and collaborate on projects! 


  • Photographer with Studio: A photographer with an established studio space equipped for various photography projects.

  • Fotodiox: A prominent lighting company known for its high-quality lighting equipment, light modifiers, lens adapters, and more.

Key Elements of the Partnership:

    1. Studio Access Exchange

      • The photographer offers Fotodiox dedicated studio time within their studio space.

      • Fotodiox gains access to a professional environment for testing and showcasing its lighting products.

    2. Product Provision by Fotodiox

      • Fotodiox supplies the photographer's studio with a range of lighting equipment, including lights, light modifiers (such as softboxes, reflectors, and diffusers), lens adapters, and other relevant accessories.

      • The photographer receives state-of-the-art lighting solutions to enhance their creative workflow and produce high-quality images.

    3. Mutual Promotion and Marketing

      • Both parties engage in mutual promotion through their respective channels, such as social media, websites, and promotional materials when relevant.

      • The photographer showcases their work using Fotodiox lighting equipment, demonstrating its effectiveness and versatility.

      • Fotodiox highlights the photographer's studio as a showcase space for their products, reaching out to their customer base and photography enthusiasts. 

Event Hosting:

Fotodiox would use the space following any agreements and scheduling with the sponsored studio to host photography events and private demos. These can include reps from Fujifilm and Sony (if the reps are available to join).