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SnakeTrack Flexible CamDolly Rail x2 - 100ft (30m) of Solid Flexible Rubber Track

SnakeTrack Flexible Rail - Additional Rail Sections for CamDolly Cinema System, 50ft (15m) of Solid Flexible Rubber Track


This item is backordered and will ship as soon as it arrives in 2-4 weeks.

While the CamDolly can ride on metal track, we designed it with our SnakeTrack Flexible Rail in mind as a super-portable way to get complicated curves that would be impossible with metal track. Simply double the rail up, and you have a dual track that will give you a shot that's more than 20 feet long, or use 2 lengths of parallel rail for a 50 ft run. Every 50 ft. length of SnakeTrack Flexible Rail comes with a bucket bag for easy transportation.

  •  50ft (15.24m) of Solid Flexible Rubber Track - For extra long runs we’ve found the longest flexible rubber track on the market.
  •  Bucket Bag for SnakeTrack - Minimize tangles by keeping each section of track in its own case that’s super easy to carry and transport.

SnakeTrack Flexible Rail 50ft. / 15.24 meters of flexible solid rubber track

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