Fotodiox Pro Fusion Smart AF Cine Edition Lens Adapter - Compatible with Canon EOS (EF / EF-S) D/SLR Lenses to Select L-Mount Alliance Mirrorless Cameras with Automated Functions, Breech-Lock Mounting & USB Upgradeable Port

Lens Mount Adapter

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Product Highlights:

Cine Edition w/ Breech-lock Mounting Mechanism

Designed specifically with the Canon Cine lenses in mind (works with all Canon EF mount lenses!), the Cine Edition adapters from Fotodiox were built to mimic the breech-lock cine style cameras that those lenses are designed for. The biggest advantage of using an adapter with a breech-lock mounting mechanism is that they have a very solid connection, reduce friction and wear & tear on the lens.

The addition of the removeable tripod foot on the adapter itself, eliminates possible flex or bobble from the camera mount side of the adapter when using a gear drive (manual follow focus or focus motors). The rotating collar ramp is fairly shallow so you get a great mechanical advantage: by the time you feel a strong resistance to further rotation, the lens is well and truly snugged down against its flange. The camera simply dangles off the back of the adapter, and its mount isn’t subject to any more stress than the weight of the camera’s body itself.

The CINE mount rotates until snug with no defined stopping point or locking catch. Turn until tight, loosen by turning the opposite way. Make sure to tighten sufficiently but do not turn too far or it will fall off as this is how PL-style mounts function.

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Built-In FUSION Technology

Sometimes you need more than a simple adapter to mount a lens onto a camera - you need real power. The FUSION technology built into the adapter enables electronic communication, powered by your camera, between mixed lens and camera platforms enabling auto focus, aperture control, image stabilization, EXIF and aperture data to be transmitted to and controlled by the camera and more. Manual lenses can still be used by turning off electronic communication with the Function button.

Fotodiox's Fusion line of adapters now include a micro USB port to allow for firmware updates providing a nearly future proof solution for users by including new lenses and fixing possible bugs through firmware updates. For firmware updates and directions, please see the firmware update article for this adapter in the Fotodiox technical support knowledge base.

Not all Canon EF lenses will perform the same depending on Lens firmware, focusing motors, age of lens and manufacturer. Test lenses before critical shoots.

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Mount Vintage & Specialty Lenses to Digital Cameras

Whether you're shooting digitally or on film, Fotodiox offers the world's largest selection of lens adapters. Mix camera/lens platforms or reinvigorate vintage glass; Fotodiox has hundreds of ways to mount lenses onto your DSLR or MILC camera. Our adapters deliver infinity focus and a sturdy build for lasting quality.

The adapter is designed to offer an inexpensive system that allows for the use of a vast range of lenses. This adapter system is particularly useful for mounting tilt/shift and other specialty lenses not available in the native format to the entire range of cameras, providing for an inexpensive alternative for photographers and videographers alike.

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Precise & Solid Connection; All-Metal Construction

Fotodiox employs Professional Photographers in every aspect of development and design to create products that are built to last. The Pro line of adapters is crafted to withstand the rigors and demands of the professional photographer. Our adapters are manufactured with precise tolerances, providing a solid, gap free, no wiggle connection for stress free use. No adjustments needed! Fotodiox adapters are meant to be taken off and put back on your camera as much as needed while remaining as precise as the day you bought them.

Fotodiox Pro adapters feature all-metal, no plastic construction to create a secure connection between your glass and camera that will not degrade over time, keeping the lens-camera connection secure with every use. We use chrome plated brass mounts for enhanced durability and reliability. All Fotodiox products are backed by our 24-month Fotodiox Manufacturer Warranty.

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Lens Mount Canon EOS (EF / EF-S) D/SLR Lens
Body Mount L-Mount Alliance Mirrorless Cameras
Product Dimensions 3.1 x 3.5 x 1.2 in (8 x 8.8 x 3.1 cm)
0.4 lb (5.6 oz)
Shipping Dimensions 5 x 5 x 5 in (12.7 x 12.7 x 12.7 cm)
1.1 lb (18 oz)
Manufacturer Fotodiox Inc.
Warranty Limited 24-Months

  • For firmware updates and directions, please see the firmware update article for this adapter in the Fotodiox technical support knowledge base.
  • • FUSION auto capabilities are designed specifically for D/SLR Photographic lenses and although Cinema and/or Broadcast style lenses may physically fit the mount, electronic capabilities may or may not function depending on the lens used.
  • • Because the CINE mount rotates until snug, it doesn’t have a defined stopping point, nor does it have a locking catch. You turn the lockring until it’s tight; you loosen it by twisting in the opposite direction. If you don’t tighten it sufficiently, and you’re not paying close attention, it’s possible for the ring to get turned inadvertently. If it turns too far, your lens will fall off, part of the functionality of other PL-style mounts.
  • • Although the adapter will allow you to mount any Canon EF lens, not all lenses will perform the same. Lens firmware, focusing motors, and age of lens will all affect the speed, reliability and accuracy of the adapter. Different lenses may exhibit different operating characteristics depending on lens age and manufacturer. We recommend testing individual lenses in your setup before critical shoots.
  • • Autofocus may be disabled for older Canon lenses and some third-party lenses (Sigma, Tamron and Tokina lenses).
  • • Third party lenses like Sigma or Tamron lenses have more issues with auto focus.
  • • Auto Focus can be slow or even not function with varied model lenses and even different lenses of same model.
  • • Longer focal length lenses tend to have more issues with auto focus with the auto adapter.
  • • Not all Canon compatible lenses work equally well, dependent on: internal lens motors, firmware versions, lens age, etc
  • • Continuous AF and video AF are not supported as performance may be unsatisfactory.
  • • Switching between image and video can cause camera to freeze.
  • • Switching f-stops in video mode can cause white flashes in video.
  • • Certain video modes can cause the camera to freeze.
  • • To determine what the new 'Crop Factor' or 'Equivalent Focal Length' of the lens when used on your camera will be, please check the Fotodiox Knowledge Base article.

All pictures are for illustration purposes only. Actual product may vary slightly due to ongoing improvements in design.

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