Optical Triggered Tri Flash Umbrella Bracket with Light Stand Mount

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  • 3x Hot Shoes w/ Hot Shoe Selection Switch
  • On/Off Switch, Infrared 'Eye', PC Sync Outlet
  • Angle Adjustment Joint, Fits Standard 5/8" Light Stand Studs
  • 2x Umbrella Mounts - Put a Silver reflective and a shoot-through back-to-back to create a simple softbox like effect
  • 24 Month Manufacture Warranty

  • Fotodiox Pro, Optical Triggered Tri Flash Umbrella Bracket is a sync system allowing the photographer to fire up to three flash guns or speedlights from one triggering device. The bracket can be fired by either the built in optical slave cell or via a triggering device plugged into the built in the PC sync socket. The built in slave cell can be adjusted to allow for none, 1, 2 or 3 pre flashes if required. Included with the Tri Flash Umbrella Bracket are a 3.5mm to 3.5mm mono jack cable and a 3.5mm mono jack to PC Sync cable to attach radio remote triggering systems.

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