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Fotodiox Pro LED-100WA-56 Daylight Studio LED, High-Intensity LED Studio Light

Fotodiox Pro LED-100WA-56 Daylight Studio LED, High-Intensity LED Studio Light for Still and Video - with Dimmable Control, 12V AC Power Adapter, Light Stand bracket, CRI > 85


This item is backordered and will ship as soon as it arrives in 2-4 weeks.

The new Fotodiox Pro High-Intensity LED Light is designed for the studio photographer yet ideal for all situations! This professional lighting system has a high light output that rivals most lights today. LED light technology allows for plenty of lighting power, while the housing itself remains cool to the touch. Unlike other studio lights, the Fotodiox LED-100WA series give off practically zero heat, allowing for more comfortable and longer sessions for both the subject and the photographer.

The high powered LED-100WA is available in either 5600 Daylight or 3200 Tungsten color temperatures (choose above), and has a remarkably low electrical draw for such a powerful light. Lower your energy bills, keep your studio cool, and run these powerful lights on a regular domestic electrical circuit.

The LED lamps themselves have a high color rendering index (CRI >85); providing clear, color correct light that will faithfully render the subject's color. The LED's built-in glass diffuser creates a soft, even light. Reliable LED lights don't require replacement, making the Fotodiox LED-100 much reliable than strobes or other constant source hot lights.

The LED-100WA light is equipped with the popular Bowens bayonet mount for light modifiers and other accessories such as softboxes, umbrellas, barndoors, snoots, and more. The versatility and cool-to-the-touch operation of the LED-100 make this light a powerful and economical solution for both the hobbyist and the serious photographer and videographer.

Also available in 200 watt, twice the brightness for just a little bit more!

  • Daylight (5600k) or Tungsten (3200k) Color Balance Available
  • Color Accuracy > 85 CRI (Color Rendering Index)
  • Luminance = 7,700 Lux/m or 706 Footcandles
  • Dimmable: 0-100% Power Output
  • Light Modifier Bayonet Mount (Bowens S-Type)
  • Handle for Carrying and Positioning the Light
  • Light Stand Mounting Bracket

  • Kit Includes:
  • LED-100WA Dimmable LED Light Unit (3200k or 5600k - Choosen Above)
  • Power Supply Ballast w/ Cables
  • Removable 12" Reflector (white interior)
  • Diffusion Sock for Reflector

  • Name Fotodiox Pro LED-100WA-32 Studio LED
    Color Balance Options Daylight 5600k ± 200 or Tungsten 3200k ± 200 (Choosen Above)
    Luminance 7,700 Lux/m; 706 fc
    Bulb Wattage 100 watt power draw
    LED Beam Angle 60 degrees unmodified
    Power Supply DC36V, AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz
    Brightness Control Soft Touch Buttons w/ LED Display: 0-100%
    Kit Weight 13.5 lbs / 6.15kg (Light: 7.8lbs / 3.55kg) (Power: 5.75lbs/2.6kg)
    Manufacturer Fotodiox Inc.
    Warranty 24 Months

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