Fotodiox Pro PopSpot 50 v.2 Daylight - Compact LED Light Kit, High-Intensity Daylight Color LED 5600k Light for Still and Video


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UPC: 847372054152
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1x Basic Light Kit


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Product Highlights:

  • New and Improved Version of the Popular PopSpot! Compact & Versatile LED Light
  • Daylight Color (5600K), Accurate Rendering (≥ 95cri), Flicker Free Lighting for Slow Motion
  • Variable Spot Focus (23-66°) w/ Optional Zoom Lens, Plenty of Light Modifying Options
  • AC Power w/ Battery Options, Easy to Store & Transport with Carrying Case
  • Limited 2-Year Manufacturer Warranty

  • 2nd Generation of the Popular PopSpot!

    The popular Popspot from Fotodiox has been newly redesigned from customer feedback to improve upon all aspects of the light and is now back and better than ever! The NEW PopSpot v.2 starts off with a smaller basic light kit comprised of the new compact light head and reflector combo, then expands with the deluxe light kit adding additional features such as the focusing zoom lens (with a Profoto mount for additional light modifier usage) and barn door add-on and battery pack - all options that make it well-suited for both studio and location work.

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    Accurate Daylight Color Rendering

    The PopSpot v.2 has a constant daylight (5600K) balanced color temperature and is dimmable from 10-100% power while maintaining a CRI & TLCI rating of ≥ 95, providing faithful and accurate color rendition. You can easily add color gels or diffusion materials for softness. The compact design and negligible heat created by COB LEDs, allows you to squeeze the PopSpot v.2 into tight places or work up close to your subject without the concern of hazard or discomfort. The PopSpot v.2 also features an integrated PWM circuit to give constant, flicker-free light that is great for slow-motion and high frame rate videography.

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    Variable Spot Focus w/ Optional Zoom Lens

    For added versatility the PopSpot’s adjustable spot focus feature is now removeable so that standard light modifiers can be used also. The adjustable Zoom Lens (FL65, 23-66°) w/ Profoto Mount (included with the Deluxe kit version and sold separately) offers you the adjustment from a wider 66-degree flood beam or to be focused down to a 23-degree spot for selective lighting or sharp-shadowed sunlight effects. The included 4-way barndoors help you illuminate areas that you want while keeping light from areas that you don't. You can easily add color gels or diffusion materials for softness using the integrated filter slot in the barndoor. The barndoors can be removed from the Zoom Lens revealing a Profoto style accessory mount, allowing you to use your favorite light modifiers such as reflectors, snoots and softboxes with the adjustable spot focus ability.

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    AC Power w/ Battery Options

    The PopSpot v.2 is powered by standard AC current, but it can also be powered via 2x NP-F batteries or 1x V-lock battery with the optional Battery Cradle, Charger & D-Tap Cable (included in the Deluxe kit), making it great for any sort of location work you have. A custom carrying case is included for easy storage and transport.

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    1x Basic Light Kit
  • • PopSpot v.2 50 Light Head
  • • Protective Cover
  • • Standard Reflector
  • • L Type Stand Bracket
  • • AC Power Adapter & Cord
  • • Remote Control
  • • Instruction Manual
  • • Storage / Carrying Case

  • 1x Deluxe Light Kit
  • • Basic Light Kit (as Above)
  • • Battery Cradle, Charger & D-Tap Cable
  • • 2x NP-F750 Batteries
  • • Zoom Lens (FL65, 23-66°) w/ Profoto Mount
  • • Barndoor Attachment f/ Zoom Lens
  • LED Type 50W COB LEDs
    Color Temperature 5600K ±300K
    CRI / TLCI ≥ 95 / ≥ 95
    Beam Angle 120° Unmodified
    50° Standard Reflector
    23-66° Zoom Lens
    Illuminance ¹ ≥ 2,227 lux/1m (Bare Lens)
    ≥ 9,714 lux/1m (Standard Reflector)
    ≥ 4,590 lux/1m (Zoom Lens 66°)
    ≥ 16,511 lux/1m (Zoom Lens 23°)
    EV100 @ 1m ² 9.4 ΔEV (Bare Lens)
    11.6 ΔEV (Standard Reflector)
    10.4 ΔEV (Zoom Lens 66°)
    12.4 ΔEV (Zoom Lens 23°)
    Power Draw 50 Watt Input
    Working Voltage AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz
    DC 13-17V (w/ Optional Batteries)
    Battery Options 2x NP-F 7.5V w/ Battery Cradle
    1x V-Mount 14.8V Battery w/ Battery Cradle
    D-Tap Cable for more Options
    Battery Run Time ³ 100% Power ~ 70 min (Charge: 4-5 hrs)
    Light Dimension
    (w/ Stand Bracket)
    4.3 x 6.7 x 11.8 in (11 x 17 x 30 cm)
    2.7 lb (42.6 oz)
    Shipping Dimensions 4 1x Light Basic Kit - 8 x 11 x 16 in @ 9 lb
    1x Light Deluxe Kit - 8 x 11 x 16 in @ 11 lb
    Manufacturer Fotodiox Inc.
    Warranty Limited 24-Months

    1 Measured using The Illuminati Meter @ 1m distance
    2 Incident Exposure Reading ~ ISO100 1/60 f/1 (Sekonic L-358 @ 1m)
    3 Battery run time is approximate and based on 2x NP-F750 7.5V Batteries. There are many variables that may affect run time including ambient temperature, age of battery, etc.
    4 Listed shipping weight is actual shipping weight and not billable shipping weight as determined by shipping service provider and may vary from billable product weight.

    View the Instruction Manual by clicking here.

  • • ALWAYS remove the protective cover before using your light.
  • • ALWAYS press the accessory lock button on the top of the light when removing accessories such as the standard reflector. Failure to do so may damage your light.
  • • During use, avoid dirt or debris from contacting the surface of the COB LED to prevent damage to your light.
  • • Do not block the heat dissipation vents on light body. Blocking these will inhibit airflow, causing the unit to overheat and stop working. This may shorten the lifespan of the light.
  • • Do not operate with wet hands, doing so may cause electric shock.
  • • Do not operate in environments near flammable gases or volatile liquids as this may increase the risk of explosion/fire.
  • • Do not operate in enclosed spaces where heat buildup can be extreme, such as a car on a sunny day. The increased heat will trigger the auto heat protection function and affect use. Frequent overheating may cause premature failure of the lighting unit.
  • • Do not damage, disassemble, twist or modify the power cord as it may increase the risk of fire or electric shock.
  • • Do not place under heavy objects.
  • • Keep the light surface clean with a soft, dry cloth. If build-up is noticeable, use isopropyl alcohol on a soft, clean cloth to gently remove debris.
  • • ONLY use the power adapter/charging cable provided with this product. Should you need a replacement please contact
  • • Avoid impact to the LCD screen; impact may damage it.
  • • Use the safety cable when hanging your light.
  • • When using the accessories, please ensure that they are properly and securely installed. Improperly installed accessories may fall and become damaged.
  • All pictures are for illustration purposes only. Actual product may vary slightly due to ongoing improvements in design.

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