Fotodiox Pro Prizmo Jupiter18 PZM-700 RGBW+T LED Light - Multi Color, Dimmable, Professional Photo/Video LED Studio Light with Special Effects Settings


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Product Highlights:

  • • Powerful softlight without the need for diffusion - without the traditional shortcomings (multiple shadows, uncomfortable intensity) of conventional LED panels
  • • The Factor light is ready to go for both photo and video right out of the box - no extra diffusion or accessories to add
  • • AC adapter locks into V Lock battery mount, or attach optional V lock battery optional for totally wireless operation
  • • Draws a maximum of 100 watts, so can connect to any household electrical circuit. Durable all-metal construction, ready for studio and location work
  • • Rear backlit LCD displays a variety of information including: percentage of light output, color, battery level, DMX channel information and more
  • Limited 2-Year Manufacturer Warranty

  • The Prizmo Jupiter18 line of lights brings broadcast quality creative lighting and affordability together in a powerful and portable package. Each Prizmo Jupiter18 light includes several built-in control modes including CCT mode for white light adjustable from 2800K to 10000K with adjustable magenta and green points, HSI mode to access the full 360° color gamut and RBGWT mixing mode. There is also a pre-programmed filter mode to assist in matching industry standard gels as well we as pre-programmed special effects modes including police car, fire, party and fireworks effects. Prizmo Jupiter18 lights can be controlled via the back control panel or DMX512 controllers.

    The Prizmo Jupiter18 lights have a solid aluminum frame for durability and added heat dissipation. The heavy-duty, all metal yoke and ball head allow you to mount on stands or hang in any suitable location. Color temperature, brightness, DMX Channel and more are all displayed in real time on the rear LCD display. Each Prizmo Jupiter18 light comes in a custom fit case to make transporting them safe and simple.

    Prizmo Jupiter18 lights are ready to be used in studio with household electrical circuits or on-location due to the ability to be powered by v-lock batteries (sold separately). When used with wall power the AC adapter is designed to lock into the V-lock battery plate for a secure no-slip connection keeping the adapter attached to the light unit and out of your way. Prizmo Jupiter18 lights remain flicker free even on battery power due to the PWM integrated circuit design.

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  • • Prizmo Jupiter 18 (PZM-700R) RGB+WT LED Light
  • • 110-240v AC Adapter & Power Cord
  • • 3-Pin XLR DMX Cable
  • • Safety Cable & Allen Wrench
  • • Mounting Yoke for 5/8" Light Stand Stud
  • • Fitted Custom Carry Case w/Shoulder Strap
  • LEDs 700pcs Ultra Bright Chip LEDs
    LED Light Colors Adjustable from 2,800K to 10,000K (±200)
    Full RGB+WT Gamut with 360° HSI Control
    Brightness1 2800k: ~ 1770 lux/1m
    6500k: ~ 2100 lux/1m
    EV100 @ 1m2 2800k: ~ 9.0 ΔEV
    5600k - 9.5 ΔEV
    Beam Angle 120°
    Color Temperature 2800 ± 150K - 6500 ± 200K
    Illumination Surface 15.9 in (40.5 cm)
    CRI / TLCI ≥ 93 / ≥ 95
    Remote Control Options DMX 512
    Remote Control
    Mobile App
    Power 100 Watt Input
    Working Voltage AC100-240V, 50/60Hz / DC15V
    Battery Option3 V-Mount Battery (Sold Separately)
    Battery Run Time4 100% power ~ 1.3 hours
    Working Temperature -4 to 113°F (-20 to 45°C)
    Protection Level IP20
    Product Dimensions 20.3 x 22 x 3 in (51.5 x 56 x 7.5 cm)
    8.6 lb (137 oz)
    Shipping Dimensions5 24 x 25 x 7 in (61 x 64 x 18 cm)
    32 lb (512 oz) Actual Product weight: 19 lb (304 oz)
    Manufacturer Fotodiox Inc.
    Warranty Limited 24-Months

    1 Measured using The Illuminati Meter @ 1m distance
    2 Incident Exposure Reading ~ ISO100 1/60 f/1 (Sekonic L-358 @ 1m)
    3 When a battery is used, max power output drops to 80%
    4 Battery run time is approximate and based on 130Wh V-Mount Batteries. There are many variables that may affect run time including ambient temperature, age of battery, etc.
    5 Listed shipping weight is billable shipping weight as determined by shipping service provider and may vary from actual product weight.

  • Click here to download the Instruction Manual to view setup and any additional warnings.
  • • Do not disassemble or modify the light.
  • • Remove batteries when in storage.
  • • Do not operate in environments near flammable gasses or volatile liquids as this may increase the risk of explosion or fire.
  • • Do not operate in enclosed spaces where heat buildup can be extreme, such as inside a car on a sunny day. The increased heat may cause premature failure of the lighting unit.
  • • Do not touch or operate with wet hands, doing so may cause electric shock.
  • • Do not damage, disassemble, twist or modify the power cord as doing so may increase the risk of fire or electric shock.
  • • Do not place under heavy objects.
  • • ONLY use the provided AC power adapter. Using other AC power adapters may result in damage to your light.
  • • Avoid impact to the LCD screen.
  • • Avoid dust and debris buildup as this will change the illuminance and color temperature. Keep the light surface clean with a soft, dry cloth.
  • • When hanging the light, always use the included safety cable.
  • • Do not block the air inlet for the cooling fan. Doing so will inhibit heat dissipation and may cause excess noise.
  • All pictures are for illustration purposes only. Actual product may vary slightly due to ongoing improvements in design.

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