Fotodiox Pro DEEP Parabolic 16-Rib Umbrella

Light Modifier

UPC: 847372040971
40in (101cm)
White Reflective (Black/White)


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Product Highlights:

  • • Parabolic Shaped Umbrella for Professional Soft and Even Lighting
  • • 16-Ribs Heavy Duty Fiberglass Framework allows Repeated Studio and On-location Use
  • • Pro-grade fabric offers extreme soft and even light, ensure even and smooth surface once opened
  • • Heat resistant to use with hot-light without optional diffusive cover
  • Limited 2-Year Manufacturer Warranty

  • These huge parabolic umbrellas are ideal for indoors and outdoors work. They are heavy duty constructed for using on location as well as inside studio. The fiberglass rods are strong and gives ample tension to make a beautiful parabolic shape to offer an even and soft light. Fotodiox Umbrellas are designed to be used with any tungsten or flash light source, umbrellas will soften, amplify, and ease the light output to subject. Umbrellas with a white interior will soften and wane light more than an umbrella with a silver lining. This umbrella is made of diffusive nylon fabric and easy to use in tight spaces with minimum light reduction.

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    Material Special White-Translucent Fabric
    Product Dimensions 40in - 42 x 42 x 30 in (107 x 107 x 77 cm) @ 1.5 lb (23.6 oz)
    50in - 52 x 52 x 31 in (132 x 132 x 79 cm) @ 2 lb (32.7 oz)
    65in - 66 x 66 x 38 in (168 x 168 x 96 cm) @ 2.6 lb (40.8 oz)
    Shipping Dimensions 40in - 4 x 4 x 40 in (10.2 x 10.2 x 101.6 cm) @ 2 lb (32 oz)
    50in - 4 x 4 x 40 in (10.2 x 10.2 x 101.6 cm) @ 3 lb (48 oz)
    65in - 4 x 4 x 40 in (10.2 x 10.2 x 101.6 cm) @ 4 lb (64 oz)
    Manufacturer Fotodiox Inc.
    Warranty Limited 24-Months
  • • This umbrella is designed primarily for use with strobe & LED lighting.
  • Suggested use: Larger Groups and Full Length Portraits.
  • • Using this umbrella with modeling lights or constant lights stronger than 200 watts for long sessions will result in eventual discoloration or scorching and is not recomended.
  • All pictures are for illustration purposes only. Actual product may vary slightly due to ongoing improvements in design.

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