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Fotodiox Pro Reflective Studio Umbrella Softbox 43"

Fotodiox Pro Reflective Studio Umbrella Softbox 43"


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Why use Umbrella Softbox? It provides the features of a softbox without the hassle of set-up. This uniquely designed reflective umbrella softbox is for photographers on the go. Perfect for location shooting, installation is simple and instant, similar to the studio umbrella. The umbrella softbox is made with Fotodiox quality reflective and diffusive material. The Umbrella Softbox features a silver lined dome with black backing. The white diffusive fabric closes the dome, allowing the umbrella to become a softbox. The umbrella shaft attaches to light fixture via socket.

Construction Special Black w/ Translucent White Diffusive Liner
Manufacturer Fotodiox Inc.
Warranty 24 Months

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