WonderPana XL 186mm Step-Up Ring - Anodized Black Metal Aluminum Step Up Ring for 77mm, 82mm or 145mm Lens Threads to 186mm WonderPana XL Round Filters


UPC: 847372032181
WonderPana XL 186 Step-Up Ring Only


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Product Highlights:

  • • Provides the ability to mount a variety of 186mm filters and more!
  • • Doubles as a hood to help protect your lens from damage, scratches, fingerprints and the elements
  • • All metal build, attaches to the filter threads of your lens securely
  • • Ultra wide angle construction to eliminate vignetting
  • Limited 2-Year Manufacturer Warranty

  • The WonderPana XL Step-Up Ring provides the freedom to use and share 186mm round filters on all of your regular lenses. Fotodiox step-up rings are made with precision out of premium grade aluminum. Every ring is inspected to ensure smooth mounting and is polished and finished with anodized matte surface for professional appearance. Step up rings allow larger sized filters to fit on lenses with smaller sized filter threads.

    This step ring will allow the WonderPana186 filters (with a 186mm thread) to fit on lenses with a 77mm, 82mm or 145mm threaded front. Smaller step up rings can be used to adapt to smaller sized lenses (ie; if your lens has a 58mm filter thread, the 58-77mm and 77-186mm step up rings would be used together) and can be purchased separately.

    WonderPana XL Step-Up Ring Options
    WonderPana XL 186 Step-Up Ring Only
    WonderPana XL FreeArc Step-Up Kit
  • • 186mm Filter Thread Enabled Step-Up Ring
  • • 186mm Filter Thread Enabled Step-Up Ring with Rotating Filter Stage
  • • 8x10" Filter Enabled via Included Brackets
  • • Included 186mm Lens Cap
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    Materials Premium Grade Anodized Aluminum
    Product Dimensions 7.5 x 7.5 x 3.1 in (19.1 x 19.1 x 8 cm) @ 0.2 lb (3.2 oz)
    Shipping Dimensions Ring: 10 x 9 x 2 in (25.4 x 22.9 x 5.1 cm) @ 0.9 lb (15 oz)
    Kit: 10 x 9 x 4 in (25.4 x 22.9 x 10.2 cm) @ 1.6 lb (25 oz)
    Manufacturer Fotodiox Inc.
    Warranty Limited 24-Months

    All pictures are for illustration purposes only. Actual product may vary slightly due to ongoing improvements in design.

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