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Understanding Flange Focal Distance
Flange Focal Distance & What FFD Means for You Close-up showing the FFD of a Sony E-Mount camera Focal Flange Distance/Flange Focal Di...
New Fusion Auto Adapters
Our New Fusion EF-MFT Smart AF Lens Adapter will allow you to use your existing Canon EF/EF-S lenses on your Micro Four Thirds camera body with full AF capabilities and aperture control. This new addition has a micro USB port to allow for firmware upgrades as well as an iris toggle switch to allow you to control your aperture from the adapter on select MFT camera models.
Rock your photography with 3 axis flexibility!

Bring new lift to your vintage medium format lenses with the new Fotodiox Pro TLT ROKR adapters. Our affordable new line of 3-axis tilt-shift lens adapters will help you create the perfect image in-camera! The TLT ROKR's three axes of movement allow for up to 10 degrees of tilt, up to 20mm of lateral shift, and 360 degrees of rotation.